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Games, I played in 2021

I relatively played a lots of games this year, compared to previous ones. Old or new, doesn't matter, I think most stuff is here on this list is really good.

Sometimes I have a tendency, if I see a streamer playing a game I like, "I have to play that again!" - so sometimes I just repeat myself.

I mostly buy games from GOG, the best platform ever, and not just for old games, but for DRM-free games. No middleware, no need internet for install.

These games are not in order. there is still GOG and Steam sales to get these, so I linked them too. The list is long, because I sometimes buy games, don't play it, then suddenly I play it a lot.

Slay the Spire

This was January grab, as I got a code for it in my email inbox. Lovely surprise, and I bought it almost instantly. I mean I can't be fast as a machine right? And I love this game. It's deck building, but also rogue-lite, with every playthrough different. You collect cards on your journey, which you can use to deal with monsters along the way. I beat the main boss on normal, once. Tough game, but I still like it. I also watched lots of Lifecoach streams, trying to learn the game from a master. I can recommend it to everyone, great game.

Sts trailer


Now this is an interesting old game. Recently got remastered, but it is shit. Get the original! It's a first person shooter, but with comic book style. So much that if you see the screen shaking, you can see the panel borders. Amazing animations, as well. You got framed for murder and have to clear your name. I say it's an underrated, classic game. There is a patch for modern machines, and works on Linux, flawlessly.

I got the game in March, and I could not be happier.


In May I finally bought Outlaws, one of the most atmospheric first person shooter, thanks to the western setting, movie-like music and amazing weapons. Probably the first game you ever had to use reload. The whole thing is just a love letter to spagetthi westerns from LucasArts, from 1997. A must play for everyone!


This was the year of rediscovery, and Blood is on the top of the list. Probably the most satisfying shooter ever, as you go against cultist, zombies and whatnot. Your starting weapon is a pitchfork, then a dynamite and a flare gun. What can I say, Blood has some unusual weapons (with two modes!), and such an amazing gameplay. I love it. I personally prefer BuildGDX for playing. Also there are tons of horror movie references. This is the horror game in gaming form. And nobody survives (but you)! Hahahahh

Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun

If you like Commandos, you are going to love this. Plays in Japan, edo era with samurai and wonderfully painted sceneries. You have different characters in your team. I play with original voices, and subtitles. If you like Japan and Commandos, this is the game for you!

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Nothing wrong with going back to the original, am I right? This first one is a classic game of stealth and modernity meats in the NSA. Oh and Michael Ironside is Sam Fischer. Enough said.


Got it free on GOG, a souls-like game but in sci-fi form, and I would love it more if I could play it on my potato machine. Some day, some day…

Ultima Underworld I-II.

This should not be on the list, as I didn't play it, only give EA my money. Then they took it off from the shelves then they put it back. A classic game that started the immersive sim genre, in the age of Wolfenstein and Doom, no less.


No, it's Outcast, not Outlast or Outlaws. It's a voxel based game in a huge world. You stuck in unknown world, and you have to help the locals with rice or something. Open world stuff, and for the time it was really good. Also this is the original version, not the remastered one. For 2 dollars, this is a steal.

Absolute Drift

I got it for free. I once refund it on Steam, but this is a good game, if you like drifting with little cars around buildings and such. Oh and it has the Linux version too.

Alone in the Dark trilogy

For me this is a special game as I played it with my brother. I remember trying to read the guide in English while he played, and we took turns. Alone in the Dark is the original survival horror game (sorry Resident Evil fans), with the weird, fix camera style that we all hate (I mean love) back then. A true classic, never really replicated with the newer ones.

Another World

This is the 20th anniversary edition which includes the original. A tough platformer, with an amazing intro (for the time, and now). Made by one person, and has more atmosphere than todays AAA games! An absolutely maddening classic.

Shadowrun Trilogy

Got it for free. I played some of it, and some day I will sit down and really play the game. Shadowrun universe with many games.

Hexen and Heretic

Let's just say, I have significant progress in both games. Raven guys did it, improved on the Doom engine with items and fantasy weapons, and music. I think Romero should have switched companies, as he wanted some dark fantasy shit early on. Enjoy your switch hunting you sucker!

Amid Evil demo

I really doesn't like Unreal Engine 4 games, because I have a potato machine! The game is probably good, very Hexen-ish with the weapons and pickups. Definitely recommend it, if you want to shoot planets.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

This is probably the only Wolfenstein game you need to play outside of the classic first one. Unlike in the reboot, here we against zombies and occult shit, and not robot dogs. Much better, real atmosphere, but really tough to play, even on normal difficulty. It has a nice fan-made mod for modern computers. This game uses the Quake 3 engine, can you believe it? This is the best Wolfenstein game.

Doom + Doom II

Oh, the classics. I would say Doom II is still better than Quake Eternal, or whatever the hell was that. If you want to play a modern Doom game, play the 2016 version.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Lovely mining game. Nice graphics, funny dialogue and stuff. Good for kids I think.


I played this a lot this year, as I had the itch for it. Never really played the single player part, I always played mp with friends or against bots. There are many source ports you can choose from, and there is an official remaster now, for whatever reason (money, money, money)! There are some mods to try out too.



The best of the series and just make sure to install Elite Force mod, which make it about 200% more playable. You are a SWAT team leader and you are arresting bad guys.


Dungeon Keeper

I played some DK, because why not. I had to replay a bunch of levels (I am about half way the game, never went this far), and I think I am a better player now. Still with a trackball, it is not easy. There is an open source implementation called KeeperFX, which is a must have for widescreen and better gameplay.

Dungeon Keeper on GOG


Another classic, along with Doom and Quake. Except we now have the fifth version of the engine which looks like real life, hahah. The castle flyby and the music still makes me nostalgic. This is a game that nobody will ever repeat. Because it's Unreal! (sorry, had to do it)

Unreal Gold on GOG

Aliens vs Predator 1-2

I just had to get my alien fix for some reason. I mean I can't play Isolation all the time.

Aliens vs Predator on GOG and [[][Aliens vs Predator 2 unknown mod]]


A streamer played this, and I had to play it. A horror/spooky game based on the Unreal engine and Cliver Barker's mind. One of the better horror shooters out there.

Undying on GOG

Euro Truck Simulator 2

One day I realized: hey I can steer with the trackball, let's try it out! A few hours later I bought two expansion of the map: France and Italy. This is still a very good game, although most of us wouldn't be able to say, why. It's just is. Every road leads to Rome, right?

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Rainbow Six

One of my all time favorite games, not just the tactical shooter genre (which this game started), but all of them. It has a story, plan your mission, shoot bad guys.

Rainbow Six mod based on Black Thorn

The Hunter: Classic

Played this toward the end of the year. Just a hunting simulator kind of thing. Huge places to discover and nice graphics and environment despite it's an old game. If you want a chill game that's a really good one.

There is a newer version called The Hunter: Call of the Wild. I have it on Epic, but I couldn't start it at all on Linux.

The Hunter: Classic on Steam

Fishing Planet

Same like the above except with fishing. Little bit grindy though.

Fishing Planet on Steam

Alien: Isolation

Because I sometimes work as a masochist, so I have to play this. Still not on nightmare, I think hard difficulty is enough for me.

Alien: Isolation on Steam

Command & Conquer Remastered

Childhood game with upgraded graphics. Best function: press space to seeminlessly switch between original and updated graphics. Remastered music too, from Frank Klepacki. Real multiplayer, new UI and behind the scenes stuff. A must have for the fans of the game.

Command & Conquer Remastered on Steam

Age of Empires II: Definite Edition

Purely for nostalgia reasons. Some of the stuff is unstable (like I can't finish the tutorial campaign, I am on last mission and it froze after 10-15 minutes), but just really good to play. Tons of campaigns and if you have good enough machine there is HD textures (you need tons of HDD space and like 16 GB of RAM minimum). I didn't have the machine for the AoE IV, so I play this one.

Age of Empires II: Definite Edition on Steam

Serial Cleaner

Just a nice 60s-70s style of game, you are a cleaner guy for the mob, who lives with his mom. Nice style, good puzzle game

Serial Cleaner on Steam


Luckily it was free on Epic. It runs well enough on low settings that I can enjoy the game's combat. I always liked vampire stories (no, not twilight), and I watched part of this on stream, but I don't remember any of it. The main character's voice is the same who played Samuels in Alien: Isolation. Wonderful voice, I could listen to him for hours.


It was also free on Epic, and it's not really playable on low settings.

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