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The Magic of Casio F91W
a simple watch with great power

Date: 2022-08-13

I have seven Casio watches. I love them each and used them for many weeks individually. However lately, I could not take off the F91W. Not even for his monochrome brother.

The F91W has this legendary status in the circle of Casio fans, but even have admirers in the not so budget watch collector circles.

I have it on my wrist for weeks, and not even thinking about switching to another watch. It's so simple. Sometimes I don't even feel that I have a watch on my wrist. I still take off, when I do yoga, but it's back on for any other activity.

The design is simple, and largely unchanged from the late 1980s. It has that nice retro feel, with the button labels, and the famous "water resist".

It doesn't do much, but sometimes it's enough. Show time, have one alarm, a stopwatch and… that's it. Oh, wait, it has a very week backlight, which is the weakest point in general, although I would argue that I can see the hour and the minutes just enough.

The F91W is just so comfortable to wear. For weeks I didn't think about putting any other watch on my wrist, not even the Mission Impossible watch (which can be uncomfortable to wear sometimes, but has really nice functions).

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