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Before you start collecting Casio watches

Date: 2021-04-06

It was about the end of 2019, when I started to get interested in watches. I've never collected anything, and I was somehow attracted to them. I wore watches before, but it was a long-long time ago, it was nothing new, but back then I had only one watch.

So I started looking at watches, affordable ones, I also watches many-many videos about watches, visiting reddit, etc. Soon I realized that Casio watches are perfect for me. They are not just affordable, but also respected, well-made watches. So I started to navigate towards them. Although one day I want to have a Timex, Seiko, and definitely a Citizen too, and of course on Orient, and probably a Vostok. Fucking Russians and their cool looking watches, hehe.

One problem I soon realized, that it's virtually impossible to have just one watch for me. My first was the Casio Royale, which is a function packed watch for a really low price.

I have a bookmark folder, with full of different watches I like, and can afford them.

When I see a watch I like based on some product images, I always watch many videos about them. Some of the product images are not really well photographed, and they don't show the watch on the wrist. Videos are clearly better. I also like to go to reddit, like r/casio, r/gshock or r/watches. People not just put images, but reviews too, which I trust more than most of the youtube channels.

One thing is sure: I genuinely enjoy watch collecting, and wearing watches again. I soon need to invest in a watchbox though, since I already have five watches.

I am currently wearing the normal Casio F91-W, and I am enjoying this retro piece and legendary watch. I originally wanted a G-Shock, but I had this great deal for two variants of F91 and I just couldn't miss it. I wore both of them on the first day (one on the left, the other on the right).

So yeah, before you start collecting Casios, you should know, one is never enough! :)

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