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Short post about my 2nd watch

Date: 2021-01-27

Today I added the second watch to my collection with a retro piece of Casio A168AW-1YES. I ordered it yesterday, and it came quick, today morning.

First impression is, this watch looks small, but I like the size. To be honest it's small, because there is not much going on. It's a digital watch, with month and day, and time on it, and nothing else. It's readable, and has a nice light blue backlight. The buttons are very responsive.

Function wise it has one time (12 or 24 hour), alarm, stopwatch, and that's it. It's a very simple timekeeping device. Similar to the F-91W, but with a stainless steel bracelet, which you can adjust very easily. Sort of a retro dress watch. Not that we get out much these days. But I would definitely wear this for social ocassion.

There are many colored version, but this is the original, with lots of text on it, which gave it some real retro, 80s vibe, although the watch is from the 90s if I remember correctly. I also think this was the watch we saw in Wonder Woman 1984, or at least some variant of it (maybe the A158?).

So, yeah this is my second watch. Will add pictures later.

I don't know what will be my next watch, my birthday is coming up in March, and I maybe ask my family for a more expensive watch, which is one of my dream, the CasiOak, black stealth version. Right now I am very happy with these two watches, however. I may get the F91-W next, but that's very similar to the A168, so I am not in a hurry for getting that.

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