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Watch collection

At the end of 2019, I re-discovered wristwatches. Fascinating little (or big) things. Unfortunately due to the crazy 2020, I couldn't get into collecting, until the end of that year, when I bought my first watch after more than 2 decades.

This page I'll show my collection, and what was my thought process behind every watch I own. I don't have a lot of money for watches, so what you'll see is mostly Casios, and I hope for some Timex watches too. The watches are in order as I bought them.

If you want to see what people are liking these days, check out the Casio and G-Shock subreddits.

1. Casio AE-1200

It's the Casio Royale with a twist! It's the all resin black version, with a copper/bronze colored border. I originally intended to buy the stainless steel version, but I like the resin strap as well, since it makes the watch light to wear. I bought this watch first purely for utility reason.

For this price, this watch offers a lot: 5 alarms, world timer (with 4 cities to follow), stop watch, timer, and a simple interface to show world map and timezones, plus an analog face for always showing the home time. And my personal favorite: the orange backlight. I use the watch for time cooking, for workout inside and outside.

This is simple unbeatable and Casio is the king of digital watches. It's also good that the watch is very modable. I won't mod my first one, but maybe I buy another to do my own.

2. Casio A168WA-1YES

This is a true retro looking piece, on a stainless steel bracelet. This is basically the improved version of the F-91W, with a silver look and a much better backlight. In fact I love the cyan colored light. Unfortunately the light button is top left, and not top right like with the AE1200. It doesn't have many functions: one alarm, a stopwatch and the backlight. I love the font

2. Casio MRW-200H-4BVEF

I bought this because of a review I saw, and I liked the orange color. This is the first analog in my collection. First it looks like a little bit small, but it is actually a perfect size. All the numbers are orange, and the hands too, while the rest of it's black, all resin. It has 100m water resistance, so you can swim with it. The nice touch is that the bezel is rotatable in both direction, but without sound. The watch has a date window, at the usual 3 o'clock position. I like the orange color on this watch, so much, that since I am a look out for other watches with orange touch.

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