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I will share lots of interesting videos about many topics. In each category my new recommendations will be on the top. I will hopefully update this page on most of the days.

Updated: 2022-01-14


Coof, lockdowns

It's Time to Live

Jordan Peterson wrote an article in the "National Post", which he reads to us. In this article he reasons to go back to normal life and end governments restrictions. Definitely not just for Canadians. It's Time to Live!


Fasting is a thousands of years old technique to keep our body fresh. Note, that it is not starvation. You are starving when you don't have anything to eat, when you are fasting, you are intentionally not eating. Here are some videos that helped me to understand it better and applying it to my daily life. Fasting is a natural way to live, as we are eating way too many times and way too much food.

Dr. Jason Fung: Fasting as a Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss: Dr. Jason Fung's lecture about fasting. He is talking about the difficulties of long-term weight loss, the concept of therapeutic fasting and some of the myths and misunderstandings associated with the fasting process.

Fasting For Survival Lecture by Dr Pradip Jamnadas: a very nice doctor's lecture about fasting. He layed down the basics very well, and full of useful stuff about better fasting, and how everything works. He is also recommending Dr. Jason Fung.

Free software (political)

Mob Mentality Threatens The Free Software Movement - Distrotube's excellent video about the reaction of the radical left's (aka social justice keyboard warriors) after Richard Stallman's return to the Free Software Foundation. Very levelheaded, thanks Derek!

In Defense of Richard Stallman - Similarly well spoken arguments by Bryan Lunduke to the RMS stuff. Thanks Bryan!

RMS is back at the FSF: Proof they don't care about free software - Bryant Gardiner's (aka LinuxGamer) take on the RMS thing. I just put this out there, because after two sane and levelheaded commentary, here is one I can't really understand.

Culture commentary, culture war

Hide the Dislikes - Feelings over Quality - Youtube's latest move to hide dislike count has sparked a debate. It's certainly a bad move, and Youtube tried to hide behind "small creators", when small creators benefit from criticism. From now on, if you dislike something on Youtube, I encourage you to leave a "dislike" comment. ;)

Dressing Professionally Is A Form Of White Supremacy - Dressing nicely and be presentable is now a form of white supremacy. These people are absolutely nuts!

ONLYFANS: Women are Worth More - a really good video from Brianny Sellner, about why women shouldn't start or should stop having onlyfans. Please watch the video, doesn't matter if you are man or a woman.

Vee asks for more complaining about video games, as the devs of the new Battlefield game have one week to get their shit together and fix countless bugs for launch day. Looks like most people forgot that companies would make games, if we don't pay them. DO NOT PRE-ORDER and DO NOT BUY games without watching many reviews!

Media Finally Asks Why Nutrition’s Been Ignored During Outbreak: we know that overweight or obese people are more prone to C19, yet we don't speak about prevention, rather focusing on the jab, masking all day and night, and distancing? Highly recommended channel: High Intensity Health.



An hour long analysis of Bioshock Infinite, from Red Raptor Writes. A thorogh video about what went wrong with the setting, characters, motivations.


Red Raptor continues his well written rant with the Infinite DLC, Burial at Sea. How it retcons everything from Bioshock 2, and contradicts even the base game and story. What can I say, Burial at Sea, pretty much stuck at the bottom of the sea…

BioShock's Fort Frolic Analysis | The BEST Level in Gaming!

Before you say that Red Raptor can only do nitpicking and shit, here is his video of Bioshock's Fort Frolic and Sander Cohen.


Atomic Blonde (IMDB)

An action-spy thriller based on a comicbook, plays in 1989 in Berlin, during the take down of the Berlin Wall. Excellent cast with Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton, John McAvoy and John Goodman. 1980s music, best fight scenes since the Bourne trilogy, and a kick-ass, but also not invincible female protagonist. Not to mention good music choice! While people still talking about Jane or Jill Bond (she will come, don't worry woke people!), we have Lorraine Broughton, a new character and not a replacement for somebody else.

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