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Vimium shortcuts |parasurv's webspace

Updated: 2020-08-21

I wanted to collect some useful Vimium shortcuts for you. I use them regularly in Brave (but it's also available for Firefox and other browsers).

Vimium is trying to apply the vim navigation system to your browser, which means you don't have to lift your hands and switch to your mouse. Really handy if you are working a lot in your browser (pun intended).

Tab navigation

Note these are case sensitive. I.e. j is normal j, J is Shift+j.

Scrolling: j/k - goes down and up.

Back and forward: H/L - goes back and forward in browser history in the actual tab.

Previous and next tabs: J/K - switching tabs, much better than Ctrl+tab.

Following link: f - if you want to open it in that tab, use F if you want to open it in a new tab. When you press it, it will assign a letter or a series of letters to every link on the page. Just type it and will go to that page.

Open tab/search history and tabs: o or O - again weather you want to open it in current tab or new tab. You can type the adress and it will also search in your browser history and opened tabs. Pretty good way to search for a tab if you have opened so many that you can't see the titles…

Open bookmark: b - I don't use this as most of my bookmarks are browser independent.

Scroll to the top: gg - automatically goes to top.

Scroll to the bottom: G - automatically goes to bottom.

Scroll left: h

Scroll right: l

Reload page: r

Create new tab: t

What else?

For more shortcuts, just check out the help info for the extension.

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