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Video channels
I can recommend

Updated: 2021-08-03

Here is the page where I share with you my favorite video channels on the internet. I recently got into Odysee more and more, so some of them will be from there. I highly recommend to make a user there and start being active!

As always this selection is always changing.

I hope you enjoy this selection, and if you want to recommend me similar channels, contact me through Neocities or Email.

Politics and Culture

Little Apostate

"Under the pseudonym Little Apostate, a young thought criminal dives into topics that have turned her into an outcast in the eyes of her peers (& got her invited to a lot less parties). Join her as she uncorks some whisky and lets the thought crimes flow." >> Little Apostate

Lunduke on Politics

Bryan Lunduke's political channel. No matter if it's outside or inside tech circle. >> Lunduke on Politics

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

This podcast and site started by Carl Benjamin, to create alternative content. The podcast is free, but there are premium content on their site. >> Lotus Eaters

Russell Brand

"Everybody knows that the old ideas won’t help us. Religion is dead. Capitalism is dead. Communism is dead. Where will the answers of the next century lie? Particularly, when we’re facing a mental health epidemic and ecological melt down.

On this channel my videos explore new ways to connect with ourselves and one another and how to elevate our consciousness." >> Russell Brand

Alex Belfield

British political commentator. >> Alex Belfield the Voice of Reason

Linux and Tech

Lunduke on Tech

Bryan Lunduke is a tech and FLOSS veteran for many decades now. He mainly posts videos and articles about tech and Linux, but also goes into politics on his other channel. He also loves retro stuff! >> Lunduke on Tech


DT is one of my favorite personality in the Linux circle. He is the reason why I use dwm, and other cool stuff. While he shares a lot of advance stuff about Linux, he creates videos that are easy to follow. If you are just starting with Linux, or you are a more advanced user, check his channel out! >> Distrotube

Brodie Robertson

He is the discount Luke Smith, in a good way! Excellent Linux video maker! >> Brodie Robertson

Jose Briones

Jose is making videos about dumbphones, focusing on minimalism and usability of non-smartphone devices. >> Jose Briones


The Critical Drinker

Drinker is probably one the most funny and best movie reviewer I know. His drank character perfectly fits todays cultural landscape filled with the same movies over and over. I think his review of the original Rocky is his best work to this day (note that in that video, it's his real voice, hahah). He is not just reviewing bad movies, but can find many gems as well. >> Critical Drinker


Movie and game reviewer, who become famous for his extra long videos. His game critic videos are mainly about horror games, like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Soma, Resident Evil VII and Outlast. His channel blow up I think with his 3 part The Last Jedi video series, where he basically destroys Ryan Johnson's "masterpiece". His "unbridled praise" series is also very good.

He is also doing a podcast, called EFAP (Every Frame A Pause), with his friends. >> Mauler

Clipped Coin

He creates videos about movies, TV shows, etc. This year he went through the Marvel shows and Mandalorian. I think his best video is about John Walker, who was the new Captain America in "Falcon and the Winter Soldier", where he analyzed why Walker's action are actually justified. Note that he is a US Army veteran, so his POV is a little bit more authentic than your average reviewer. >> Clipped Coin


Shad is making videos about medieval stuff including history, lifestyle, weapons. He also analyzes sword fights in movies. He is also a fantasy author. His another channel, Gameknights, where he and his friends talks about modern culture, and doing tabletop role playing games. >> Shadiversity

Just Some Guy

Another culture critic, with some interesting videos, like So you want to be a supervillain, in which he talks about the progressive left's crazy obsession's identifying with crazy villains, e.g. how they want Magneto to be black. >> Just Some Guy



Plays old shooter games like no other. Funny, has a good style, and you can actually learn a lot about games, how to play - his Pro series is awesome! - and a little bit of history. Plus he made an hour long Duke Nukem Forever video, when he reached 100k subscribers. What a mad man! :) >> Civvie

Upper Echelon Gamers

He is doing better videos about the gaming industry than Jason Shreier writing articles. >> Upper Echelon Gamers


Watch collectors, from affordable to absolutely expensive automatics.

The Time Teller

Ben's Watch Club

One of the best channels if you are interested in affordable wristwatches. He also did a good documentary about the Fillipo Loretti "watches", and how these fake premium level watches decieving people. >> Ben's Watch Club

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