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What do I want to do in 2021

If want to have goals, better to write them down, right? Thanks for Gina the new year's resolution question.

So here we go.


Read more, write more, speak more. I feel humans are doing this less and less. Even with the internet we are communicating less, as we are confined to our little bubble.

I feel like last year I wrote more than ever thanks to the #100DaysToOffload project, despite I had 2 months when I didn't write anything at all.

Speaking is hard these days in person, since not a lot of opportunity to meet people. I honestly still too consious about my voice, so this will be hard for me. Maybe try to go voice chat? I don't really have a problem with my family (skype, yay!), but with strangers, that's another matter entirely.

While I read 2 novels last year, I think it should be at least one novel a month. I used to be an avid reader when I was younger. But with the internet and the emerge of long form storytelling (aka TV shows), I fall behind.


After a frustrating year, I ended with one of my most consistent effort in my life. Since November I regularly workout (weightlifting), and I definitely feel stronger. I feel that how I keep my body, my stance is just better. I use a standing desk for months now, and it helped to have a more upright body.

I hope, as the weather allows it, I want to get out more too. Just walking, working my legs in a simple way.

I really want to get rid off that belly that I build for the last couple of decades since childhood. As a short person, everything is magnified on my body 10 times. So I will go towards that goal, and just in general be healthier.


Use my computer with purpose. As in if I have to work, I do work, if I want to play, I play, if I want to write, I write. But if I don't need to use the computer, I just turn it off and do something else. Less aimless browsing and doing basically nothing, and more doing what really matters. I originally wanted to cut out some things, like video games, and sell my crappy graphics card, but I think play has a part in human life, so I kept it.

I also think listening to people, has to be more critical from my part. As in, try to find the middle way. Extremism of either way is very harmful, and I was deceived by both of them in the past. These goes for political and lifestyle in general. In fact I will be probably less politically active on social media, and focusing on me, and what's important to me.

What happens if I don't complete stuff?

I don't sweat or cry, or say that I failed if some of them I can't complete. The effort matters more, especially if the change is something new. So if I read one less book this year, than I wanted, that's OK, since I already did more than last year.

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