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What I don't understand about keyboard reviews…

Date: 2022-08-25

I am a keyboard enthusiast on and off for the past 30 years. I really regret throwing away old keyboards. Could have built a museum to be honest.

Sometimes I get the mechanical keyboard fever, and I start to look around on youtube, what's the best and latest budget keyboard. After all I don't have much money, so I am always looking for the sub $100 options, which probably more likely means sub $50-60 region.

I watched hundreds of reviews, and what I never understood, why people are trying to flex their keyboards? How many times do flex it when you type on it? Or how hard do you type on your keyboard? Isn't the mechanical keyboard good for touch typing, so you barely touch your keyboard?

I thought about that maybe these people would like to kill someone with their keyboard and it's a not so secret society or something. But in that case, I think the keyboard's weight and weight distribution would be a much better measurement for the goal.

So yeah, I am totally clueless about this.

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