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Nothing beats nature

It's evening, and I went out to the balcony. I heard half dozen dogs barking in the distance, while I smelled the calm and fresh nature. We spend most of our lives between walls. When we go outside, nothing beats nature. Seeing the trees in each seasons, the smell of flowers, the taste of wild berries. It's magic.

No matter how much we improve on our technology, we will never beat the variety and the complexity of our surrounding nature. I know it's cliche saying this, but I'd like to live in forest, in a simple cabin. Taking care of garden, doing stuff with my hands. Challenge myself if I can do it. Most people who know me, probably would say, that I have no chance.

They may be right. But you are never know if you are ready, only if you get there and do it. We can expand ourselves to such a great lenght.