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Merry Christmas!

Yay, another Merry Christmas! I hope you are all well these times with full of good food, people around you!

Just don't be like the Grinch (btw he has a fediverse account!)

Anyway here are some good stuff I like to share you with today!

  1. My watch has arrived two days before Christmas Eve, and I love it! Picture and some thoughts will follow, probably between the holidays, as I want to have some time with it.
  2. GOG has some winter sale going on, while Epic bribes us with daily free games (like Alien: Isolation and Metro 2033 Redux). Good times for gamers!

    Some random recommendations:

  3. After a little more than a week of break, I returned to fediverse! Originally I wanted to do a longer break, but I returned just in time for Christmas!
  4. When I was a kid I loved the Home Alone movies, and one Christmas I got a casette full of nice music (including some of the John Williams' classic). Ever since I always played it during Christmas, but for a long time (about 7-8 years) I haven't played it. While I don't have a player anymore, I searched the net for the music, and I returned to this tradition! I haven't been really in the Christmas mood for 5 years, and this turned out to be one of the nicest Christmas for me in recent times!

There is no faith, but only what we make? ;)

Merry Christmas everybody!

This post was for day 98 of #100DaysToOffload!

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