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Final post for awhile

This is another personal post. I felt that I didn't want to disappear without telling you while.

I have to say I feel like in 2019. End of the year, and Bryan Lunduke announced before Christmas, that he will take the entire 2020 off from twitter. Stupid me, who sometimes copy stupid things told myself: "hey this doesn't sound stupid, let's take a step back from social media."

The break I did was amazing, but it only lasted for until May if I remember correctly. Lunduke returned sooner. My reason was that we have this pandemic, and I felt lonely. I was so lonely that I reregistered to facebook, just to delete the account after a few months later. I felt, I needed human contact no matter which way. At the time - and still - I go out 2 times a week. This is not a life for any human.

In January 2019 I went to my regular cancer checkup and it showed that I have a nice kidney stone, went 2 treatments before the pandemic hit, and I didn't want to go since. As of this day I still have that kidney stone, luckily it didn't grow, but it's still a problem. While my markers were good, other numbers were same as before, I felt that my effort the past few months I did for nothing. I broke down today, spend most of the day doing nothing, or just in bed.

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