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Updated: 2020/03/31 - minor editing, plus added cheat code.

This page I dedicate to one of my favorite game series, I have re-discovered in November 2018. The 20th year old Thief: The Dark Project and its sequel Thief II The Metal Age and Thief Deadly Shadows. I played them when they came out, and back in the day we only had free hostings, as domains were really, really expensive and complicated to aquire. I had a webpage, the first in my country about this excellent game.

Here are some of the pages I'd like to share with the fans of the games, although if you are a fan, you are more likely know these sites. However there are always new people to introduce this awesome trilogy

All 3 games are perfectly playable on Linux with Wine, in fact later years it might be easier to use Linux for the game, than Windows itself.

The Dark Mod has native Linux version too, since it's based on the open-source idTech 4 (which was used in Doom 3 & Quake 4) engine.

I think Thief is a great series, because the devs created these games, they wanted to play themselves. You can feel the passion in the sound design, the levels, the writing and the cutscenes' quality (also voice acting).

Where to buy the Thief series?

In my opinion the best place you can buy the trilogy is on GOG. It's DRM-free, and works on Linux too. Plus any fan-made patch work with these versions. If you can't afford them, you can always wait for sales and then you can pick up all of them for like 5-6 Euros. These are all working on Linux without any or little modification to Wine.


TTLG - Through the Looking Glass. This is the main Thief community. If you have questions about the games, you'll probably find an answer for that.

Thief: The Circle - One of the oldest fan sites. Interestingly they never changed the design, and it still holds up very well. It also has a mirror of the official Thief page.

Knowledge base

Thief: The Dark Wiki - Wiki page on FANDOM.

Official Ghost rules - Want to be a real master-thief? Play the games following those rules. It's not just about expert difficulty and not killing anyone. It's about much more… If you think Dark Souls is hard, try to play according these rules.

Artwork, novels, etc.

Correspondence of Thieves - roleplay turned into novels, played in the Thief universe. One of the oldest fan dedication to the game.

Thief: The Dark Project Pre-Release Media Thread - Special thread on the TTLG forum. Some original promo materials, videos, etc.

Quality mods

Thief 1/Gold HD - this is an HD texture pack for the first game.

Thief II HD Mod - The same mod as above, just for The Metal Age.

Necro Age - Another texture mod for both Thief 1 and 2. However this one is a darker and grittier version for The Metal Age, similar like the first game. I would say it is more atmospheric than the HD mod, but try it for yourself.

Guides, video playthroughs, commentary, ghosting

The Eye of Stone - Stone has a Garrett-like voice and playthrough commentary. Plus he has all the cutscenes and music from the game.

Klatremus - Ghost playthroughs. He also has a little site with tons of information on how to ghost Thief.

FenPhoenix - Playthroughs for not just the original games, but for fan mission and for TDM as well.

Let's really Ghost Thief Gold - Travis Whitsitt's playthrough and commentary of Thief Gold (playlist).

Let's Play Thief Gold: Blooper Reel

Thumper's Guide to Thief: The Dark Project - Strange and Unusual - It's an old (from 1999), funny guide, with great quotes. Really great read for an old winter night.

The Keeper's Chapel Guide - visual guide with loot maps, and pictures. For Thief Gold and Thief 2: The Metal Age.

Critical videos of the series

Thief 4 New Garrett vs Original Garrett - Just a little jab at the nuGarrett of reboot. :)

Thief vs AAA Gaming - A detailed video essay focusing on favourites Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age, and how these old dogs stack up against the AAA gaming industry of today.

Thief II: The Metal Age, How I Love Thee - The Rageaholic's look back of the second game of the series.

The Sounds of a Thief - Strat-Edgy's look-back of the Thief series. He also post other critical videos about gaming and games. ##


An Interview with Garrett - GameSpy chats with Garrett, the main man behind the Thief series from now defunct Looking Glass Studios. :)

Thief Wallpapers

Cheat codes

If you want to skip mission you just really didn't like, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+End.

The Dark Mod

Fan made game paying tribute to the original games. Made with idTech 4, it looks good and plays well. It has an easy installer and you can download missions in-game. The Dark Mod

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