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Why I went back to full size keyboard?

Recently I am not just changed back to a non-mechanical keyboard, but also to a full size keyboard, after using a 68% keyboard for more than 2 years.

While I loved the compact size, but for certain functions it was just trouble to do some things, which was apparent when I switched back to full size.

I have to say I enjoy using the numpad again, but also the separate media keys, which I only could use with the FN keys on my last two keyboard. I can operate them and the F1-F12 keys, which are both slimmer ones, in the dark now. In fact the thinner F keys are genius idea. I don't think I use them much these days, so it takes up less space, but still there if we need it.

I think the slimmer keyboard idea is great, but ultimately a full sized keyboard gives me faster reach

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