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Why I don't use dark themes?

Date: 2020-09-11

I have seen lots of talk about dark themes on computer operating systems in recent months. Some people like dark themes to use, others prefer light or lighter themes.

It's mostly personal preferences and depends on how our eyes can deal with different conditions.

I kind of switching between the two, because on Linux there are not many good dark themes really. One that I like is the Ubuntu MATE default Ambient theme with Eartly tones. Similarly the Pop OS theme is also a good one.

Many people claim that they are using dark themes, because it's better for their eyes, when they have to use the computer late at night.

A few months ago I started to use programs that modifies the screen color temperatures of my monitor, and realized that it doesn't matter if I am using dark or light themes, as long as I turn on that specific program that takes away the blue light, I am set and I have a pleasant night in front of the computer.

Hell, I can fall asleep watching something, and I don't wake up, because the room doesn't swim in blue light.

Currently I am using a very simple utility, called sct. Search in your repository, it's a basic tool.

I should use cron for start it, but usually I just start it manually around the time when I need to. I usually start with the value of 4444, but I constantly change it, and final value is usually 2222. I can start/modify it from dmenu, which makes it convenient.

I urge everyone to try similar software, instead of the dark vs light theme debate. Also note that without blue light, your dark theme might look like complete shit, while you can use light theme and still looks great.

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