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Why I am not using static site generators anymore?

2020 August 18th

That's because I wanted my own theme, and I couldn't bother with any of the generators. I also kind of wanted to have an option to have different look for any of my page. I feel that my webpage is not just a simple blog, so I dropped the nature of it. After all a blog is just a simple page, with a specific date attached to it. It's a document that I posted this thought or thing today.

My page is not for news or any serious things. What I do, is document some stuff, what I may need in the future. Also there maybe something that can help others. And HTML is enough for that.

edit: I returned to org-mode blogging with Emacs in 2020 November.

Hosted on Neocities and created with Emacs, the world best text editor, operating system. This website doesn't track you. I don't use any javascript or other scripts. I don't store any information about the visitors. It's just pure old fashioned HTML. Some parts of the site is not up-to-date design wise. I may or may not update them in the future.