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New earphone

Date: 2020-11-24

Last week my earphone's left side gave up on me, after 1,5 year. I needed a new earphone as I like to listen to music, watch movies and generally have some privacy. I usually spend a lot of time researching what to buy, but this time I found it quickly. In my country there is not a lot of choice outside of mainstream brand, and Amazon was out of question.

I found a good review on youtube, about the Sony MDR-XB50APB earphone. Original price is higher than the one back 2 years ago, but luckily I got it on a 60%(!) discount, and well worth the price.

It's true that it has extra bass feeling, but I am not really an audiophile, it doesn't bother me. I use it for music and movies, and it's perfect for me. It comes with 3 extra different sized earpiece that you can use, which I really really like as I have small ear, and the default one couldn't fit. One disadvantage was that I had hard time to take it off, you have to twist and pull it. But since I changed to the smallest size, I doubt I will have to change it again.

What I also like that it comes with a little pouch that you can use when you are travelling. It's a nice extra.

So far this past week I use it regularly and I found this the best headphone/earphone I have ever had. It sits comfortable in my ears and the size absolutely doesn't bother me. Watch the above video for a more detailed review (I don't understand why he doesn't have more subs, tbh).

This was day 91 for #100DaysToOffload. I hope I can finish it, this year.

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