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My old keyboard is my new keyboard
Smaller keyboard solved my pain problem.

Date: 2022-01-28

In the last few years I have developed pain in my upper right arm, probably due to a lot of sitting and computer work. First I thought I handled it with changing mouse (I am now using a Logitech M575 trackball, which is amazing), but the pain still was there sometimes.

Looks like I have found the new solution, and it seems if I use a smaller keyboard (TKL or smaller), then I don't experience pain that much. My arm position is not as wide as with full sized keyboards.

While I loved my Magicforce 68, after a time I had problem with typing (this time in my fingers), plus I always had problem with not having direct F1-12 keys.

A dream, a potential destination?

Towards the end of last year I was accidently found the keyboard that might be really good for me, the Logitech MX Keys Mini. Unfortunately I can't really try it out, because most physical shops in my country doesn't have it. Also at that point, I didn't have a good relationship with chicklet/laptop style keyboards. But of course with everything - even a little as this - people can change.

What I like about that keyboard, from the looks of it, is that it has built-in battery, all keys have identation and it has a backlight. The last one has a sensor in the keyboard, so if you move your hand above the keys it will automatically light up. The size of the keyboard is also perfect, and it has arrow keys which I like and still use a lot. The downside is the price which was around 100 USD when it came out, but of course with the recent economical changes, prices only go up.

What I have

In 2014 I bought a tablet, which I used for a couple of years. For that tablet I bought a bluetooth keyboard, so I can type it better than just a tappy tappy screen. I never really got used to the touchscreen, and that's why I don't have a smartphone either (but also because I think they are addictive and spying devices).

So what I did, is that I bought a bluetooth converter to my PC, since I don't have bluetooth on it. I connected to my cheap bluetooth keyboard, an Ewent 3142.

At first I wasn't successful for some reason, but a weak later I tried again, and I think I did something in different order, because this time I made it work. I am using it for a week now maybe, and I have to say other than the connection issues, I really like using it (it drops it off when inactive and when I connect it back, it changes my "Caps Lock as Ctrl", back to simple Caps Lock, so I made a shortcut which I press every time after connecting it again).

I mostly got used to the keys, and I love my F keys again. I still need to get used to the Fn key next to the Super key, because sometimes I still press it when I want to use my mod key.

There are a couple of small things I don't like in the layout, is that the volume down and up keys are changed (vol.up comes first then vol. down), and then the delete key is next to the arrows, instead of being above the backspace.

But other than that I am satisfied. My arm feels it too, much less pain, and I don't have pain in my hands either, not even after long typing sessions. I even got use to the low profile keys.

As for the MX Keys keyboard, I will probably wait for it, if I still need it, and maybe price will drop. Usually after 2-3 months I can tell myself if I am still interested in something. Right now, I am perfectly fine with my cheap keyboard.

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