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Browsing habits

June 22nd 2020

Currently, I am using Brave browser for all of my web stuff. Since it's wasting space and putting tabs only at the top without scrolling or some useful organization method, I am inventing my own workflow to cope with my too many tab habits.

First, I have a master window with all my important websites pinned (email, mastodon, or anything that I don't want to close for a couple of days), so I know that it's the primary window. These are stuff that I use daily or frequently. Whenever I need to research something, I open a separate window, and I use that. If I find something useful, I save to my bookmarks (which lately happens via org-capture), and when I am done, I just close the window.

I think not many people knows, but you can reach your first 9 tabs in a browser window via Alt+numbers. So I can reach pinned tabs easily.

I use the Vimium extension for keyboard shortcuts, like using j/k for scrolling, activating links with f (all links on the page shows a shortcut that you can use to go to that page), or using O for searching between tabs (active or in browser's history).

I recently installed qutebrowser, because I can use vertical tabs, but it lacks so many other things, that it just my backup browser now. I wish Vivaldi to be a FLOSS browser, because it has some really good things, but I have to say Brave defaults are very good at the moment.

This is day 33 for #100DaysToOffload, where we write about different things on our personal blogs. Join the project or just read the blogs (we have RSS and coookiez!).

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