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Some thoughts… instead of social media


2020 September

2020 August

There was a time - not long ago -, when I wasn't on any social media. I think I took a sizeable break two times in the past 2 years, recently from the end of December to the mid April. In that time I used a notepad and a pen to write, just as I'd write on a social site. It was therapeutic for me, and it felt good.

I will use this page for similar goal, for an indefinite time. I have some things I need to take care of, and being on social media is a major distraction right now. However I still want to share some thoughts periodically. This page won't have an RSS, so you have to bookmark it (press Ctrl+D already!) and check it once a week, or more frequently. If you want to contact me, use email, thanks!

2020 September


Can the Pinebook Pro become my first laptop?

I enjoyed DistroTube's first impressions and unboxing video about he Pinebook Pro (with Manjaro Linux on it). It's a 200 USD laptop, which is a nice price. Except my country's currency is really weak now, and the next 1-2 years will be hard, depending on how long the pandemic lasts (my predictions: forever).


WTF is Web Bundles?!

I woke up not long ago, had a rought night, couldn't sleep because of raining, lightning, and I read this bullshit about Google trying to force down another bullshit down on our throat: Web Bundles.

This looks like this in the future: every site is a bundle, no URL and linking exist.

About webengines…

People are become very anti-Blink (the browser engine behind Chromium, and Chromium-based browsers). They are afraid that soon we have only one web browser engine will exist, despite that Blink itself is FLOSS.

Then I checked Wikipedia for more info, about it. As it turns out, no less than 6 open source, actively developed, web browser engine exist (+1 proprietary EdgeHTML, which Microsoft still uses in some places, despite they switched to Blink and they are doing their own proprietary bullshit browser, because they are so friendly to Linux and FLOSS!).

Note: the Blink engine while FLOSS, is largely used because of it's dual licensing and allow the developers use it in proprietary project. Blink itself is not the problem, the licensing is! Projects like Spotify, and Steam uses it, and they are all closed source.

2020 August


I like Spectre, sue me!

I like it more than Skyfall, which was very overrated and boring. Or maybe I just like Léa Seydoux too much? Anyway Craig's best Bond movie is still Casino Royale, and I doubt the last movie will change that.

James Bond and geeks

I wish Hollywood treat geeks more than just weird people with glasses. When in Spectre, Bond asks Q to help him, Q hesitates as he "has a mortgage and two cats to feed". Would the writers hurt themselves giving Q a girlfriend? Or a boyfriend? Fuck I don't care just don't treat us like some weird shit, who has only gadgets…

FSF and censoring about Richard Stallman?

Some interesting articles I read on Techrights, about the FSF supressing speech about RMS. This was almost a year ago, who knows what happened since? Also why are the organization accepts donations from Google? We are indeed living in at a weird time.

Back to Mastodon?

The last two days I have been thinking about going back to Mastodon. I even logged in, read messages, approved followers (the 2, I had newly). However I am not sure if I should. The last few days are really good. Good days. My days are better.


New Linux gaming youtube channel?

While I was doing my Remnant tutorial, I luckily found this channel . It's in Spanish, but the tutorial parts are totally understandable. There are some nice tutorials, i.e. Metro Exodus on GOG, and other things.

New Epic free games: Shadowrun and HITMAN

While I won't buy anything on their store, there are free games giveaway every week in the Epic Game Store. As of right now, it is useable on Linux. This week you can have the entire Shadowrun Collection and the new HITMAN series' first game, totally free! Note that I haven't tried any of them, but Shadowrun is a Unity game and should work (I own the first game on both GOG and Steam), and probably HITMAN too.

Next week free game will be Into the Breach.

Fall Guys

It's interesting that so many people on the fediverse dislike the game, Fall Guys, because it has so called microtransactions. You can buy in-game currency with real money, so you can spend this currency on cosmetic items.

However here is the deal: you don't have to. By playing you can earn that in-game currency very easily. This is not like Path of Exile, where 15 euros is a pet cat, that's just follows you around. And in PoE there is no other way to cosmetics, just real money buy. Of course you would say, that Path of Exile is a free to play game…

And Fall Guys is just a 20 euro game, that practically plays itself. The rounds are short, with randomly assigned maps to play. I don't know how grindy the game is, but it looks fun. But of course in modern gaming, FUN IS NOT ALLOWED! Somebody always has to complain about something. If it is not politics, it is microtransactions. Frak this world, I am out.


Frakking nitter!

Isn't it a little bit stupid that nitter named that way, since it's one letter away from the n word? And it's easy to misstype too.

TdF first 100 km, 6 crashes

It's raining around Nice, and there are many crashes so far. The Tour is always exciting, but this year it comes out of the gate early. Btw, I will occasionally say something about cycling here, as I watch it for many years now (2 decades? didn't count).

Windows in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol?

Remember when Ethan Hunt gets the mission in Russia, via an old payphone? And at the end when said: "this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds" - and nothing happens, until Ethan punches it? Well that's of course it ran on Windows. All the other devices ran Linux, and were reliable in their final seconds. xD

That's my head cannon, anyway.

7 Privacy-Preserving Addons for Firefox You Should Have

A good post about some good privacy extensions for Firefox. If you are using Ff, I highly recommed to check it out .

History is now a Conspiracy Theory - According to Kotaku

By Upper Echelon Gamer


SuperTuxKart 1.2 is out!

The most well known open-source racing game's newest version is available on there website, or it will pop up in AUR soon, I am sure.
Some notes about the new release. What I didn't know that's available for Android too, which makes it the best game on that platform automatically! I am

Frakking Mauler did it again!

OK, this is not something new, just a month of old, but Mauler released the 3rd part of his Force Awakens critique, after a year! As usual, really good quality, and enjoyable very much. I can recommend his other videos too, and not just about movies, but gaming too! This guy is talented, creates well-thought out and written videos!

Control is coming to GOG!

It's official that Control is coming to GOG first, then Steam - after their Epic release. Very nice!

New game release: Wasteland 3

The series that started the post-apocalyptic gaming stuff is Wasteland, and the newest game in that series is here. No day 1 Linux release, but it will definitely come!


How MI-2 should have ended? xD

Ethan Hunt is rockclimbing on holiday, and IMF found him, giving him a mission. He puts on a glass, which actives and starts:

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it.."

Ethan: Nah, I am on fucking holiday. I decline.

5 days later, an outbreak in Sydney happens… because frakking IMF only has Ethan Hunt as a stuntman for every mission in their history, hahah.

Slain: Back from Hell is free for an email

The devs of Slain are doing a giveaway, you only need to subscribe to their mailing list. Use whatever email you like, and they give you a GOG code that you need to use in the 2 weeks I think. The link for the giveaway .

Btw, if you want more free stuff, check out the Gamerpower website.

Vegan ready made foods: yes or no

Yesterday I saw some things in the store, that I would have liked, except two things. First, I am trying to eat less stuff with soy, as it looks like I can't really handle it atm. Second, the price was so fucking high, that I just couldn't justice to buy it, for 10 minutes of eating. This is what I really dislike about veganism. They slap on the "vegan" label on the food, in the hope that vegans will jump on it, but they also put on a nice pricetag, which is actually many times more expensive than the non-vegan stuff. They use us for profit, just like the animal agriculture and dairy industry.

So I usually create my own alternative meals with ingreadients that you can find simple in stores. It's not like my little city has so many ready made foods (burgers, pizzas, few tofu, etc.). It requires experimenting and the love of cooking, but you can do some amazing stuff in the kitchen, believe me.


X-Plane demo and some plans

Well it looks like my virtual flying plans are reached the limit, as I just discovered yesterday evening that X-Plane has a demo. If you didn't know, X-Plane is a very big name in the simulator genre, and has native Linux support! It's also quite expensive, currently 65 euros, which is way out of my budget. But I was so happy to see the demo, that around midnight I had to download and install it. And to my surprise the game runs well enough and looks good, that at least now I know, my machine can run it.

The game costs as much as a good Thrustmaster stick, so it's really an investment into virtual flying. And I will go for it, just not now. I will see how the euro will do vs my currency, and I hope in the coming months it will be better. In my experience hardware cost can fluctuate more, so I might by the stick and just practice with Flightgear. I am not a person, who gets out his Christmas wishlist for the family, but I might… :)


Flightgear from source

Since AUR only has a preview version, and not the stable version, I decided to compile the game from source. So much fun! The preview version is really choppy in performance for me. edit: I really couldn't do it, so I am just using the preview version. It's not that bad once you tweak it a little bit. Mostly I need the gamepad sensitivity.


New terminal font (for me): Cascadia Code

It's from Microsoft, and released under the SIL Open Font license. Download here. I like to change up things from time to time, and this font looks interesting enough.

GOG sale recommendations

I still had the time to write a post about some of the games I recommend from this GOG sale.

So what was your favorite Tom Cruise hairstyles in the MI movies?

So this is what you ask Ronald D. Moore (co-writer) when you make a podcast. But anyway, fun podcast episode, on Light the Fuse. Great job guys! xD

Huge GOG sale?!

Titled "Harvest sale", currently has 3 parts: Indie gems, RPG and Good Old Games. Plus original [[][Serious Sam is free]] for 2 days!

Remember these are all DRM-free games! If you buy it, it's yours, downloadabbe installer (you can install it and play it without 3rd party software), you can make backup of it. Or you can use GOG Galaxy, I don't really care.

I think I should write some recommendation post, but currently I have work to do. Maybe something for evening today. Just subscribe to my RSS in that way you will know when the post will be up! (shameless selfpromo on my own page, hehe)

MS Flight Simulator 2020 on 3 CRT monitors

Because why not? LGR did this short video.

Also MS Flight Simulator 4.0

About the Synder's Just Ice League trailer

Remember how good looking the Suicide Squad trailer was back then? Everybody like "yeah, this is looking awesome!" - then the movie sucked. I think no matter what kind of extended cut this is, you can't really make it better. I think WB made a mistake hiring Joss Whedon, who is a direct opposite of Snyder in style.

Upgrading Artix…fingers crossed

Hahah, new nvidia and other updates. Not that I needed, my system works just fine. Edit: went everything well.

I am using a standing desk again

It's a DIY desk, made from paper boxes. I used it before, but I always gave up on it after a few days or a week.


Finished MI Fallout

I finished my Mission Impossible rewatch, and I still like Fallout. I am not going to say which one is the best, as I want to leave something for my posts as well.

Do you really need to use a compositor window manager?

I turned off compton and even wallpaper, because let's face it, I don't see it much and if I want to, I would need a compositor wm. That also makes the system more responsive and faster. I still need to make the volume thing work for dwmblocks, and my headache is minimal right now.

Ava, such a disappointment…

I understand that Hollywood is in search for the strong female character, but these assassin figures are getting tired quickly tbh. Even Luc Besson returned to it, then Jennifer Gardner went female Bruce Willis/Charles Bronson. Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively did similar roles too. And now Jessica Chastain. And all in the past 6-10 years.

Btw, real strong female characters, doesn't need special skills. Ripley was a space trucker and a loader, Sarah Connor was just a simple waitress, yet they endured so much. I think writers should go back and watch these movies and see what's made them great from character's pov.


I have the biggest headache for like a decade

See me, when I see you.

I have tabs problem

I am currently having about 100 tabs open and I don't know how to deal with them.

Cleared my RSS

I read the newest feeds, from last week, then I punched the magic buttons (Shift+R) and forgot the rest. It was 1000 articles, videos, etc. I need to share with you the solution to watch videos through elfeed (and invidious).


Installing Flightgear

Because I am poor, so I go for the free alternative. It's also FLOSS! A little bit stupid that I could only get the preview version from AUR, but whatever works. I only have a gamepad though, so it will be a little bit more difficulty, without a stick.

Uzaki chan is bad idea… but let's watch Cutie on Netflix together!

NO. Btw I suspended - cancelled indefinitely - my Netflix subscription. Should have told them to cutie themselves though. Just don't watch that movie.

Rami and MSFS 2020

I don't like the guy's political opinion, but I like when he plays MSFS, so here is his stream.

Reality is now an Offensive Gaming Stereotype - E3's "HARMFUL" List

Interesting video about what games women play. As always UEG goes behind the scenes, and actually doing more work than journalists. Only 13 minutes.

Gardening, cat and walking

Had a busy morning, I am taking care of my brother's cat and garden too, this week, and I walked home from them, which is about at least 11+ km (but I didn't check). So I am tired now, but feel good. Plus I checked out some MSFS videos on a 4k TV, so it was doubleplus awesome.

More speedruns

Sorry, but it's awesome. I am watching Half-Life Alyx. Instead of posting individual vods, you can find all of them on reddit.

.:2: Morning with SGDQ

I woke up and there is Quake Eternal on. Never heard of that game? That's because they marketing as a Doom game, but it's totally Quake. Don't believe me? Watch the speedrun!

.:1: Free "Enter the Gungeon" on EGS

Works really well on Linux, if you install EGS from Lutris. Played through the tutorial so far. Sadly I can only play it in the afternoon, because I have stuff to do both outside and inside. I wanted this game so long, although I am sure I am totally bad at it (shouldn't watch too much Bahroo, I know).


.:6: SGDQ is awesome

I accidently caught Alien:Isolation and it was so much fun (nightmare run, which was extra fun to watch) yesterday, and I just watched Doom 3, which was amazing too. Sometimes you don't even know, how much goes into a successful run.

.:5: A few minutes ago I saw a small plane flying…

…near where I live! It was pretty awesome, and it's like a sign or something. Last night I spend a few minutes (ahem 1-2 hours) to check some hardware for flying. Nothing serious, just something budget. I can't really run MFS, but maybe Xplane or other games. And I am afraid of flying, but simulators seems safe, so…

.:4: I gave in and installed Epic Games Store

I registered because of free games, sue me, I am cheap. The USD just normalizing after the last 5 months (thanks Covid!). Now just installing EGS, and see if I can run it at all.

Edit: and it works! At least The Alto Collection. I didn't have enough space for the Remnant. Next week's free games: Enter the Gungeon! And before you say that EGS is DRM, so does Steam and I hope you won't support either of them! :)

.:3: I am a font collector

Seriously, I have a problem with this. I love customizing my system with different fonts. For UI, for terminal, for writing, etc. And I just found this Comic Shanns thing, which is a monospaced Comic Sans. Crazy, but it works, and now I am using it in Emacs. xD

.:2: Discovered a new terminal emulator: kitty

Well for me, it is new. It says GPU based, so it tries to take off the load from the CPU. I am using like not even for a day and I feel that it is more responsive, like when I start ranger for example. In fact it is much faster than st right now. See how it goes, and may write a post about it. Until than here is the website. You can download it with the kitty package.

.:1: Why everybody is on Apple podcast?

People are mad at exlusive Joe Rogan stuff, but why not Apple? I mean the podcast is podcast because back than ipods were the populist shit, but any little device could play anything. Apple is the honey that anyone can be attracted to. Well, except me. But based on playing with an ipad, I bought my first and only Android tablet. So even I can be fooled. :(

Anyway, I try to just play a podcast on my dumbphone. Hope you will have a good 2nd half of the week or whatever.


.:5: Found this glowing GTK theme

I really like it, kind of has a synthwave vibe. Download here.

.:4: Ghost of No Fun is allowed

From the Washington Post, comes a history lessons of Samurai… aka. No fun allowed. I think most people know it's fantasy, and the author just wasted his time to write this.

.:3: Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack

If I am in the mood, I will write about Mission Impossible soundtracks, but I just recently discovered a podcast, called "Light the Fuse", so I probably need more time. I am still doing my re-watch, and just started Ghost Protocol (MI-4), so it will take a while. I think from music standpoint MI-3 was a big let down, as it was Michael Giacchino's first MI score, and it was flat (for me).

Until then, here is the score for MI-2: Spotify and Youtube.

edit: failed to mention the Ethan-Julia love theme is actually really nice, but that's the only part of MI-3 score, that's good.

.:2: Found this on twitch!


.:1: No hashtags!

What I love about these short messages, that I don't need to use hashtags for you to discover this. I put the link on mastodon, and on the homepage. If you want to find something, you can use in-page search (Ctrl+F usually).


.:7: Ethan where is the rabbit?

It's on your foot, you idiot! Anyway Mission Impossible 3 is on OK movie. Ethan Hunt is not really in control, and he is luckier, more than usual. Also the script is partly written by Alex Kurtzman, the guy who singlehandedly ruined Star Trek in the 21st century. I hope he is happy.

.:6: Typeset in the Future: Star Trek Motion Picture

This site is one of my favorite movie site. It's all about sci-fi movie typography. The author now has a nice book, but it seems he is continue to expand his site as well. His most recent one is about Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

.:5: Alien Isolation themes in Linux

If you want that retro green look, you can find base16 greenscreen theme in MELPA for Emacs. For terminal I use Xresource colors for st. Go to and choose greenscreen.dark and export the code, then past it into ~/.Xresources, then run this command:
xrdb .Xresources
Then open a new terminal window and you will see the new colorscheme.

.:4: Alien: Isolation speedrun at SGDQ

I am normally not a fan of speedrunning games - although I admire them - but I accidently caught Alien:Isolation live, on the main channel on twitch. I will update this post with the VOD. edit: here is the VOD (timestamped, from the beginning, and intro)

.:3: How To Make Your Tiling Window Manager Look Amazing

Ricing a Linux system is an art. We have plenty of building blocks, but to make something look good, is harder than it looks. DistroTube speaks in his latest video about ricing tiling window managers.

.:2: Koeman is not top club manager?

Julien Laurens from ESPN said that Ronald Koeman is not a top club manager. I honestly love experts, and love in quotes as he is judging somebody without seeing it perform at a new club, only based on past experience. I think Koeman can be good for Barcelona, because if you can manage smaller clubs - and he was really good with Southampton - then you have potential. Koeman also needs to prepare the club away from Messi and make a team, not a personal cult of one half footballer (Messi was never good in the national team).

.:1: Ranger image preview

p>Fresh install of Artix, just a few days old, and w3m didn't work properly for image preview. I was lucky yesterday evening, when I found the solution by accident on reddit. An alternative solution is ueberzug. Just install it, and edit your ~.config/ranger/rc.conf/ file. And now it works!


.:3: I am too tired to work on my dwmblocks

So I just put this out there. I feel so heavy, I will fall on the bed behind me, I think. Anyway, take care and have a good week!

.:2: You Don't have a Backlog!

I have found this thread on r/patientgamers subreddit. And it's so true. We build up a catalogue of games during our lifetime, and we sort of looking at as a job to play them, and call it a backlog? Instead we should enjoy it, every minute of it!

/"When you reach your gameatorium and see stacks of unplayed games piled up… Bonus! you're living the childhood dream! Your very own candy shop with an infinity of delights, more than any one child - no matter how determined - could consume in a lifetime! What a fucking treasure!"/

.:1: When you want to fly, although you are afraid of heights

I recently sort of become obsessed watching Microsoft Flight Simulator videos. Which is funny, because IRL I am afraid of height (literally a few steps on a ladder and I have a problem), and I would never fly. However I admire the tech behind the newest FS (which will come out tomorrow), and it's definitely the game I would get a new computer for. And a new hard drive, hehe.

I am watching Squirrel, a streamer, who plays simulator games, and also has a licence IRL. Check out his MFS playlist

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