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Software I use on my Linux system

Table of Contents

1 1. base

1.1 i3wm or gaps ( backup ~/.config/i3/)

1.2 polybar

1.3 xcape (for mod key as spacebar) - disable before you install other system! - ~/.xprofile

1.4 ranger (backup ~/.config/ranger/

1.5 buku (backup ~/.local/share/buku/)

1.6 st (luke smith version)

1.7 rofi (backup ~/,

1.8 greenclip - clipboard manager for rofi

1.9 keypassxc (backup !notimp whereever it is)

1.10 Emacs (backup ~/.emacs and ~/.emacs.d/)

1.11 tmux

2 2. work stuff

2.1 vivaldi, firefox, brave, etc.

2.2 filezilla (backup ~/.config/filezilla/)

3 3. other

3.1 rtv (backup ~/.config/rtv/)

3.2 zathura

3.3 ffmpeg

3.4 popcorn time

4 3. gaming

4.1 wine

4.2 wine-staging

4.3 winetricks

4.4 lutris

4.5 steam

5 6. Graphics stuff

5.1 Inkscape

5.2 Gimp

5.3 Gcolor 2 (colorpicker)

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