Reading list

This page is for my list of books that I have read or want to read. Now that I am back to reading, I want to share it.

Started: 22th February 2019.

Updated: 22th February 2019.

Free ebook sources

Standard Ebooks: a good list of classics, freely available to read. Nice site with search function. Quality work with the books to, with amazing covers and constant typography. I recently discovered this, I love it!

What I am reading?

I am reading several books, depends on my mood and time of day.

  • Dmitry Glukhovksy: Metro 2033 (started: February 2019)
  • Frank Herbert: Dune (started: February 2019)
  • T. Colin Campbell: The China Study (started: February 2019)
  • Okakura Kakuz┼Ź: The Book of Tea (started: February 2019)

Finished reading

Not yet.

I might even write some reviews/opinions about books and link to them here.

"Want to read" list

Without any deadline or priority.

  • Dune series
  • Metro series
  • more coming soon...