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Political views

Note: This will be probably a long post about today's political world and the internet, and why I always want to delete my social media account(s).

There is no "center" in the world, just a giant fucking hole in the middle and if you want to sit there and chill, people from both sides are starting to attack you, until you jump in the hole or they just push you in.

When that happens your glass will be more than full, and it's starts to spill over, that's when you rage against whoever pushed you and just become an alt-right nazi, even though you always voted for the left or liberal parties in your life.

Simple, there is no center. Being patient is not a virtue anymore, everybody is going somewhere fast. People can't sit still for 5 minutes without tapping there phone, or tapping with their legs. Just the same way, that they will block you after

And as Joker said: "Nobody is civil anymore." - Not in the physical world, not on the internet. Everything has to be about politics, and sides, and other bullshit. And if you are not respect pronouns, you are dead to them, even their own (see the cancellation of Contrapoints, whos probably done more for trans people than the PC babies), on the other hand, not every language has gendered pronouns, so foreign people like me can be in trouble, even if we know English for decades…

Language police thinks that English language runs the world, so when somebody says the exact same words - but actually means different in their language - then they just jump on that person until he gives up, and change that word.

Once upon a time on the internet, it was like the wild west. People rarely had computers in their home, they might have access in schools or maybe workplace. We had precious time when we were connected, and we didn't use our time to bitch about things, we talked.

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