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Life before computers…

Date: 2022-06-25

Sometimes I am in the mood for remembering some of the things in my past. Call it nostalgia, or remembering the good old days…

I used computers most of my life, but not having them, was a much more simpler times. I remember growing up, I have two older brothers, with big age difference, so most stuff I did alone. I had friends in schools, so it was alright.

I learnt to ride the bike by myself, just riding until I could gain my balance. It was fun thing to do, but I completely forgot how to do it now. Yes you can loose muscle memory if you don't do stuff for decades. With today's traffic, I wouldn't even dream about getting on the bike. When I was young, I got in trouble over where I rode the bike. I didn't think my parents would punish me. Silly me! :)

I usually hang out with older people around where we lived, but I never got into trouble, cause I was really shy (and somewhat still is).

One of my best memories when I won a one week language camp. I was really young, just 7 years old, and was away hundreds of kilometers from my parents. This is where I started to learn English, and I loved it so much. Funnily I was the youngest kid there. First time on a giant ship. I don't know if we could call it a cruiser though. After all it wasn't on sea or ocean.

I think we were much closer to the physical world before computers. Outside. Sun. Forests. Mountains or hills. I was lucky to grew up around them. And yes, I know that videogames and early PCs didn't really have much computer power. However games have an addictive element. Games that doesn't make you physically tired.

It's not like when you go to the football field and you play for an hour between friends and strangers. You get tired, and you socialize, compete, but never to a degree that it's dead serious. And I was pretty bad at it, but I still tried. I hated being the goalie at school, but I was good at it, and sometimes I could laugh in their faces. It was pretty funny, when the short, chubby kid can catch the ball, hehe.

Nevermind the books. We had lots of books in the house - still do, and I learnt reading very well. Books are such an amazing tool to build fantasy, imagination.

Sadly computer-less life didn't last long, but I still cherrish that 10-12 years without it. I can't imagine the kids growing up today with social media and their smartdevices. Those are major attack on the human brain.

This is post #17 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge, where we write 100 posts in a year. If you are interested in this event, check out the official website: Happy writing everybody! :)

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