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Basketball memories

Date: 2022-07-27

Nature or God didn't give me above average physical abilities. In fact I am below average pretty much. I am not downplaying it. I have clumsy hands and feet like Jar-Jar. My heart is not strong at all, and I can't really run even 30-50 meters without the need for stopping.

Which is even harder to take in for me, when one of your brother was a body builder, and your dad is a wrestling coach. Plus the family loves watching any kind of sports, and I like to do it as well.

However sometimes I like to do stupid stuff. Like playing basketball in the classroom, during breaks, on smaller basketball hoop and with a small ball. Teachers and the girls didn't like it, but we loved it. Some of my classmates were really big basketball and NBA fans, and I liked it too. We collected basketball cards (which later I stupidly gifted to my nephew), and traded many times.

Occasional games in PE class was fun, just as playing old computer games where you could play as Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.

Today I bought my first basketball ball, and I am going to spend a lot of time (probably early morning, as more people are there in the afternoon/evening) trying to shoot the ball, cause it's fun, even alone.

And I don't really care, if I don't have any talent for it…

I also may end up watching it too, because I discovered this young player, Luka Dončić…

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