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Old tech, old net

Started: 2021-11-17

Updated: 2021-11-17

Just a collection of old things from the tech world and the internet I used. Some of them are still usable to this day.

For games, check out the Old games stuff page.


Winamp Skin Museum - probably the all time favorite digital music player of humanity. The skins are downloadable through web.archive and still usable with programs like Qmmp. Right click on the player, choose Settings and add the theme in appearence. Refresh when you switch theme.

Hosted on Neocities and created with Emacs, the world best text editor, operating system. This website doesn't track you. I don't use any javascript or other scripts. I don't store any information about the visitors. It's just pure old fashioned HTML. Some parts of the site is not up-to-date design wise. I may or may not update them in the future. I don't really support mobile stuff, but I bet if you disable the little CSS I have, you can read the site perfectly.