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100 old PC games worth playing

This list is without order. I also consider old game, as something from before or around 2000. This is just my subjective list, not a definite list, and yours are probably different. Also, because I play games on a PC, it's a PC games list. To make my job easier, if there is a game series which consist of 2-3 or more games, I usually take it as one.

First person shooters

Dark Forces series

Dark Forces started in 1995 after Doom 2 was released, and while many people looked it as a Doom clone in a Star Wars settings, it was much more than that. It was the first Star Wars first person shooter, featuring Kyle Katarn, who later become the Chuck Norris of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The game featured excellent levels, which provided atmosphere to the good gunplay, and you really felt that you are in the Star Wars universe. One of my favorite to this day, despite never played it through once.

Duke Nukem 3D

Released in the year of Quake with a technically 2.5D engine, Duke Nukem 3D provided a visually not so impressive, but very interactive environment where we played as Duke Nukem the caricature of 80s action heroes. Aliens attack Earth and Duke is the only one who can help…


Shadow Warrior

Wolfenstein 3D


Probably one of the best of the retro shooters in terms of gameplay, environment

Alien vs Predator


Not long after Dark Forces was out, LucasArts started to work on a western FPS, called Outlaws. The original game was on 2 CDs, with stellar animated cutscenes, and wonderfully fitted music to the spaghetti western genre. This game is a must for the western fans. It had real 90s level design, and the first game where you had to reload weapons (sometimes one bullett at a time).



Cellshaded first person shooter well before Borderlands came into the picture. Story driven, with comicbook like effects and cinematics. Main character voiced by David Duchovny and with awesome music. Whatever do, don't buy the remake, as the original is much better and there is a fan made patch, that makes easy to run the game on modern hardware.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The first remake of Wolfenstein 3D, before Machine Games decided to modernize the series with short gameplay, between 10 minutes of cinematics. Absolute classic, where you not just go against the nazis, but the undead as well. Passionate players made their goal to make this wonderful game work on modern systems.


  • Another World


Dungeon Keeper


Total Annihilation

This is the first fully 3D strategy game with land, air and navy combat, and beautiful music. To this day people play it, and mod it.

  • Dark Reign
  • Commandos trilogy

Adventure games

  • Broken Sword
  • Toonstruck
  • Beneath a Steel Sky
  • Blade Runner
  • Grim Fandango

Horror games

  • Alone in the Dark trilogy
  • Resident Evil

Stealth games

Thief Trilogy

Probably one of my favorite game of all time. You are Garret, a master thief, a in a kind of steampunkish setting. You are a thief, you are good at it, and that's what pays your rent. He is not a hero, he is just a talented guy, who happens to get into trouble once in a while.

Thief is one of the stealth granddady not just on PC, but in all video games, paired with Metal Gear Solid, and Tenshu, all 3 came out in 1998 and provided the base of stealth games.

And sad to say, PC still has no match for Garrett's power, as the game has such good stealth mechanic, story, voice acting that the 2014 reboot was a failure, before it even came out (as it limited the player's choice in many areas of the game).

RPG games

  • Ultima Underworld
  • System Shock
  • Deus Ex

Action games

  • MDK
  • Rebel Assault I-II.

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