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irregular blogging, just in short form…

This page is for some of thoughts that I don't want to publish on social media, sort of my own anti-social network, since there is no fancy UI, or the able to reply fast and angry. Look at this as sort of a microblog.

If you want to reply you can do that: parasurv at tuta dot io. I may not reply though, accept that.

I will share stories and links here. No RSS, just a simple page. Don't worry this page will never go away, you'll always find it here!



Over 300k views

I don't know why, and I don't know how. I haven't really posted anything useful for a month, and I don't advertise my site anywhere, except fediverse, which I don't use for more than a month now. I don't even know if you can find this site from search engines. Anyway I am happy that people find this site, it's now 3 years old, this month. Thats around 8330 viewes per month. Not bad with no advertising, and bad English, hahah. Anyway, take care see you next month!


My next watch: Casio G-Shock G-9000 "Mudman"

I think TVG was right: everybody needs a G-Shock in their collection. Mine will be the Mudman. At first I wanted the original square G, the 5600, but after looking at the features of the Mudman, and the price, I decided that my next watch will be the G-9000. It has some nice features (like double stopwatch), but the main one is the anti-mud protection. It is basically the best value G-Shock at that price level. The square GS is a good collectors item, since it's the closest to the original ones from 1983, and also the most colorful. However I like the Mudman, and if I look at it, I can see the thoughness of it. I have about 1/3 of the price now, and I hope I can get the remaining of it this month. I looked at reviews, countless videos, and I really like the Mudman. The colorful display (non-negative, very readable), the hard buttons, etc. I can't wait to wear it. I recently watched a video, different tests about G-Shocks.

GOG Spring sale

GOG has a new giant sale on, until April 5th! While I am not the gamer I once was, I still support DRM-free games, and there is no better place for it than GOG! There are many natively or wine/dosbox supported games on Linux, in fact one of the most recent and famous addition - Blade Runner - was made possible with ScummVM project, which is totally open-source! How cool is that?! I highly recommend adding games to your wishlist as you can instantly see, what's on sale at the moment. Nice addition to the modern line up, is Mad Max, a game from 2015, from Warner Games. There are demos for upcoming games too, which is always nice, and a forgotten practice of game devs. Hellblade is 75% off, a very interesting game, which put emphasis on audio more than any other game since the Thief series, probably.

There are so-called snowdrop deals, kind of similar to the old flash deals on Steam. Which means, big-big discount for a limited time only. Featuring Wasteland Remastered and Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete for the next 44 hours.


There is only one Justice League

Sorry, I was wrong. I went on many times, that you can't really help a bad movie, like the Justice League, by just extending - essentially doubling - the runtime. I had to watch Josstice League yesterday, which was the first time I really saw it. Well, it's a really bad movie. Fun fact: it's so bad, that even without knowing who helped it create it, I would know it was Joss Whedon, because of the stupid humor. It's just disappointing that Flash is that scared kid. He is already doing his stuff for many years, he shouldn't be scared. Cyberborg looked like just an afterthought. And other things, like the Henry Cavill mustache CGI removal thing. Josstice League is not worth watching. I wonder why WB released it.

So here we're in 2021 and can watch Zack Snyder's Justice League, which is interesting, because was it internet pressure? Or was just Snyder had friends at high places. The actors certainly wanted to see this once. It's 4 hours long, which is not long. The ultra ass boring "The Irishman" was 3 and half hours. After watching the ZSJL I have to say, this is a four hour long movie, maybe could have been 3 and half hours, but 4 is definitely good. And before you complain about it how long it is, the next time you watch a stupid netflix show, just watch one episode, and please don't binge watch 5 or 6 in one sitting OK?

I would say, other than Batman, Cyberborg is in the center of this movie, and I still don't know why his background was cut. Flash is much better also, there are no stupid jokes, but a couple of good ones. Sadly some stuff has stayed, like the "What's your superpower? - I am rich" line. There are many changes, some are visual, like Steppenwolf, some are line changes. Also there are new characters in it too. I liked it much better than the Josstice League, which is just a parody movie at this point. While Zack Snyder may not be a god, but he is a better film maker than Whedon. Let's face it, Whedon is stuck in the 90s with Buffy, along with his stupid humor, and Xander's cringey character.


For all the people who preordered Cyberpunk 2077

You very well deserved it. People who can't wait for 2-3 days for reviewes to come out to see if the game is good at all, buggy or not, very well deserved the potential of losing money or the disappointment.

Holly frak, Tim Ferriss is alt-right!

I knew it, I sensed it from a few years ago, but now it's clear, after I found a video interview with Jordan Peterson, two weeks ago, that he is alt-right. Now, he didn't came out and said it, but doing an interview with one of the leading figures of that movement, made it clear, Ferriss is alt-right too! Wow, I never knew. I totally unsub and unfollow now, or whatever. What a disappointment this guy is!

It's just ice league day!

I haven't watched any of the reviews, and I haven't seen the theatrical version, well because DC movies sucks (except Joker), only the half in the bag commentary and some other reviews. Basically I know what it's about, really not that complex movie. My prediction: 2 more hours of needless CGI stuff won't fix bad writing. Watch Hancock instead, now that's a good comic book movie, imo! If you want something more serious: Logan. If totally not serious: Deadpool.

Virtue signaling in the watch world

Even my newest hobby - wristwatches - have virtue signalling companies and people. Take for example Tom fucking Ford. He is some kind of high fashion person, company, whatever, and he sells watches too. First, don't by fashion brands, you pay for the name and not the watch, second: he sells a cheap looking and probably not well made plastic watch for 1000 dollars, only because it was made from plastic bottles from the ocean. Ridiculous! Nevermind that you could buy 3 very good watches for this price (or one really good one, or many-many good one), but come on, it's literally a simple watch, that doesn't give you anything other than the bragging right: "I have money for absolutely shit things! Oh and it's made from plastic bottles!"


I sometimes don't like kids

Seriously, there are people who should not be parents. I know myself much that I know it would be hard for me to take care of a kid, when I have hard time to take care of myself. I just can't. Kids need to learn value of things, and not just throwing around numbert because they have relatively rich parents who can afford most things. I learned that early in life, like when I was 6 years old. And I turned out fine, and I now don't waste money on useless shitt (well 95% of the time).


Twitch Women history month, yet don't support women?

I am watching a mini chess event with four female players (2 vs 2), EU vs NA, and it's not on frontpage twitch, what the hell?! These ladies certainly deserve it.'s channel has ~8k viewers, while Anna Cramling's channel has just abouve 1k. I am sure many people didn't know about this, but if Twitch really wants to suport women, there is no better than showing chess, which seriously lacks female players. I looked at the front page and it has about 70% male streamer. I am sure they could at least show the channel.

Old school DOS font, that's actually usable

I had a retro itch, and I found this cool font, called BigBlue Terminal, really nice font for nostalgia, but it's usable too. I am using right now, when I edit this page in Emacs org-mode. I recommend the BigBlue TerminalPlus, as it has multilanguage support, for people like me, and weird characters, hehe.

What's up with Elliot Page?

So according he, she is a he now. She was borned from a heterosexual mother and father. Later when she was growing up, she become a lesbian, had a relationship, got married, become a somewhat notable actor in Hollywood (look up 'Juno'). This was until last year, when she come out as transgender. She transitioned to male (but hey what else, I mean there are only two genders right? She is divorcing now (or already divorced) from her lesbian partner. Elliot now has a Time cover too. So if sexual preferences is not a choice, how is that she is now not a lesbian, but a straight(?) male person? My head hurts just to think about it really. Or is this what gender fluid looks like? I don't know, I just know that we are living in a weird world right now. I hope Page is happy, because I read that the suicide rate can be really high if you are transgender.

Vertical tabs in web browsers: a rant

I don't understand why we can't have vertical tabs in open source browsers in the 21st century? Firefox doesn't have it, you need extensions. Brave doesn't have it, and there is no extension (without seeing the horizontal bar), Qutebrowser does have it, but you need other things to make that browser work. Meanwhile Vivaldi has it, and in new Edge browser you can change it with a push of a button. They are both based on Chromium, just like Brave, but they are closed source. Are Brave developers are so bad, that they can't program vertical tabs into their browser? Why do I need to use a proprietary browser to use vertical tabs? Is open source software lacks innovation? How many people need to sign a github request? I don't understand this, but I am not a programmer. But if Edge has vertical tabs (in fact it has the best implementation, because you can change it with a single button push), why can't Brave do it?


Superman and Lois

Question: if Superman is an alien and totally a different species, how the hell he can have children? I am sure there is an explanation in the comics, but I am not that into that stuff. It's just weird.


My insomnia came back the last week, I had trouble going to sleep before 2 a.m. Every evening I was like: "this will be the day, I go to bed at normal time!" - but then I didn't.

"I hate mukbang"

What's the point of watching somebody else eating?! (mukbang is basically watching eating somebody, but you also eat, and you are do it via internet) - asks somebody who spends hundreds in a restaurant with his friends… What a hypocrite!


Gizmodo: "WandaVision's Nazi Watch May Be Important to the Show, But You Don't Need to Buy It"

In the second episode of Wandavision, there is a commercial that features a real nice looking Strücker watch, with the Hydra logo. According to Gizmodo, we shouldn't buy it, because it represent Nazis, and it's part of the Nazi image.

I hope all people who bought the Casio F91-W will just throw out into the trash, because once in history it was a terrorist watch, used mainly by Al-Quaida. It used to the timer, to blow up bombs in the real world, and so it is more than just a passing image in a fictional world.

This argument make no sense to me. I hope everybody throws out Star Wars toys with Darth Vader and stormtroopers, since it represent space nazis.

Talking about watches and Wandavision, Hodinkee has an awesome, detailed article about the process, how the creators used different watches for different time periods.

Slayed the Spire with Ironclad

Yes, I thought I could never do this, but I had a feeling this morning, I just have to play one game. And this was it. Very good upgrade and card choices, plus some nice runes, which provided me extra energy, which in turn, extra damages, and blocks. I now need to beat the Spire with Deflect! And maybe Watcher next!

If I ever come back to the fedi

Social media is clearly not good for people, even in these times when we mostly are at home, and some of us alone, or with very few people. I took a break from social things 3 weeks ago, and I feel I will ever come back to fedi on a different instance and with different strategy. Just start from scratch and without almost of the old people I followed. I have no instance or date in my mind. One of the most important things: NO POLITICS and NO PANDEMIC stuff. But if I look at this way, I already like this microblog page better than any social media. I feel like the connection, the addiction with social media is weakening a little.


The golden age of TV has passed

People say it's now, but most stuff hollywood produces are pure crap. We are drowning with crap right now! Bread and circuses, remember? There are so many things on streaming services, that's unbelivable. Back then 10-15 years ago, that was the shit. Remember Friday Night Lights? Or The 4400 (which I have never seen, but heard it's good). And BSG. I remember Life, with Damian Lewis, that nobody watched, yet it was top TV. Much better than frakking Game of Thrones soap opera fantasy bullshit.

Holy grail watch

For me it's probably the CasioOak, the G-Shock GA-2100-1A1.

Good thing about having your own website

That you really can write what you want. On social media, you can get cancelled, no matter how big or small you are, even on the smallest network, except maybe a single user fediverse instance (where you are totally on your own). You can update things at your own pace, and you don't have to follow anybody, not famous people, or any other bullcrap. I for some reason also like this short format, so from today, I rename this page to Microblog.

Hey Netflix, please don't deceive people!

So I am on Netflix, and wanted to watch The Office, which looks like is not currently on Netflix where I live (I love copyright!). So I look at the "similar" stuff, that they offer me, and after a while they just recommend general stuff, like the Peaky Blinders, with Anya Taylor-Joy on the thumbnail cover. OK, I am going IMDB to check it out more. As it turns out, the actress only plays in the latter season, and they just try to sell it to me, because I watched The Queen's Gambit. Good job Netflix!

System Shock

Yes, I started finally playing the first System Shock. Not in its original form, but the enhanced edition from GOG. What's nice that you get the original version too, so you can see what it was like in 1994 to play the game. The enhanced version has many quality of life improvements. I played the first few minutes, destroyed some robots, and mutants, and collect some shit. I have to say that the controls are interesting, and so far it plays like almost a flight simulator, where every button has some function. Fantastic! (in a good sense) I am looking forward to it playing it more.


Wandavision wants to make me rewatch MCU

At least the part she was in, starting from Age of Ultron. I think the movie was alright, although I don't like how Whedon projected himself onto Scarlett Johansson. At least it's my theory. Anyway Wandavision was good, and don't listen to Tim Pool, he doesn't know shit. I think it was well written, it expanded the universe and her character in great detail, that it's needed, since she will be sure a cornerstone character in the next decade. I am pretty sure Elizabeth Olsen has nothing better to do, as long as Wanda is a compelling character. I liked the finale, might write a review of the whole series. I hope Marvel will do more of these stuff. I am just so sorry for Agents of Shields, which was the first Marvel series in the MCU, that wasn't really connected in the end for whatever reason of Kevin Feige and others decided. Everything went so well (even in Ultron, Caulson was the one who gave Fury the Hellcarrier for saving Sokovian people). I also hate that the Avengers and Stark never knew that Caulson is alive, and actually doing his own work on the side to save the the world. And if well done Quake should be an Avenger, or at least an Agent of Sword of some other agency. So many missed opportunity.

I just love watches

The past year it kept me somewhat going, although only at the end of last year, I realized it (for Christmas one watch, then in two others in January and February). I just discovered my potential next week, a more dressy watch with a bracelet, but it's compatible with many straps.

Snooker Gibraltar Open

If there will be another Trump-Lisowski final, I am gonna call the cops, about matchfixing, haha. This would be there 3rd final this season, I think.

Streaming services during pandemic

I wonder how much they profited from the pandemic. We know that internet traffic is through the roof, and the entertainment industries last hope is the internet. I doubt we will return to the cinema model. Or at least we will have shared premieres. Cinemas first, then streaming a month later. DVD? I doubt we will make them anymore. And BlueR will have significant drop as well probably. So yeah, Hollywood is profiting through people's misery, and suffering.


Slay the Spire first real win!

Yesterday I won the first time in Slay the Spire, in normal mode. I beat couple of challenge stuff, but this was my first real win, with Silent, which is my favorite character, almost from the beginning. I feel like I was a little bit lucky with the runes, but I also avoided my usual risky plays. With this, I unlocked The Watcher character, and looking forward to experience that. I really like this game, and money well spent imo. I almost play every day, this is my thinking game right now.


Little bit of break from blog

Just the weekend. I don't have time currently to keep up with things. Will return next week as usual.


I can't stop and I won't stop

Moving become my life. Walking is amazing, and once you experienced that you can't move or hardly move, when you feel better, even walking means you are alive. I just did my 2nd walk of the day, and I am still standing (I use a standing desk for my computer). I feel I could easily did double distance, but I am just returning to walking, and I definitely take it easy for the first week. Well, not that easy. :-)

Why birthdays are irrelevant?

Can you imagine, somebody - in fact probably many people - who was born on the February 29th? They celebrate their birthday every 4 year, basically they are only 3 when others are 12 (maybe? math is hard damn it!) So yeah, don't make a big deal out of it.

Walking every day for at least 30 days

This is my goal for this March. I already completed today's task, but I am also aiming to do 2 a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Those fat won't disappear just by sitting. Yes, nutrition and eating in general is much more important, however moving is living. It makes me feel alive, not just a task, that I check off from my list every day.


Great Golden Globes winner from this year…

I haven't seen the list, nor do I am interested in it. Honestly I am regretting going to the cinema with my brother to see Terminator: Dark Faith, because otherwise the Joker would have been the last movie I have seen before the pandemic. Hollywood is corrupt and morally bankrupt. I don't know if there is any good story left in them to tell us.

Ibrahimovic is right: stay out of politics as a sportsman

"[LeBron] is phenomenal at what he's doing, but I don't like when people have some kind of status, they go and do politics at the same time," Ibrahimovic said. "Do what you're good at. Do the category you do. I play football because I'm the best at playing football. I don't do politics. If I would be a political politician, I would do politics."

"That is the big first mistake people do when they become famous and they become in a certain status," he added. "Stay out of it. Just do what you do best because it doesn't look good."

My take: I absolutely agree with him! I never like when a sportsman mix their life into politics, while they are actively playing. It's just sends the wrong signals to people who are watching them. I knew a famous and successful handball player in my country who says that she will never talk about politics, because she would just alienate half of her supporters. And she is right. Sports people are not just going for individual or team achievements, but they are also entertainers in the modern world. Leave the politics to the politicians.

Lebron has every right to speak about politics, or going into political activism, but I feel like he also alienates people while he takes millions of dollars. I wonder how many that goes to charity, or actual activism, where he helps poor people. BLM as we know it isn't really helps them, so I hope he doesn't give money to them.

Peterson already has a new book

It's amazing that he already has a book, and basically he just came back last year from his addiction/medical problem.

I have seen Wonder Woman 1984, but

The Last Jedi is still the worst movie of all time. Seriously, if you liked that piece of shit, you really should think about your value system. I mean Rian Johnson saw Hux as a funny character. You know, one of the leader of the First Order, who really acted as a space nazi. This is a funny person according to Johnson. Sorry but you can't simple rewrite and make it Star Wars in a different tone. I mean even the Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes respected the characters, their history, and it gave us a good laugh, because of that.

"y know what sucks? needle-phobia while trans and diabetic"

To the person who wrote the above quote in twitch chat: I hated needles before, but when your life is about to end, you probably can get over it. At least that's what I have learned during those months, when I had cancer. There where two separate weeks, when they got blood from me, every single day for testing, and by the 4th days they couldn't really find a good vein. Can you imagine the nurse's struggle and my nervousness? Now when I do my annual testing, it's nothing, I got used to it. So can you! I don't claim to know your experience, but we never know how much we can take, how much we can face, until we are there at that moment.

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