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regular blogging, just in short form…

This page is for some of thoughts that I don't want to publish on social media, sort of my own anti-social network, since there is no fancy UI, or the able to reply fast and angry. Look at this as sort of a microblog.

If you want to reply you can do that: parasurv at tuta dot io. I may not reply though, accept that.

I will share stories and links here. No RSS, just a simple page. Don't worry this page will never go away, you'll always find it here!


2 weeks without socials

It's fine! Really, more people should try it! Not interacting with people are sometimes good! Heheh.

System Shock new demo is here

And I can't play it, because of course my card is not good enough for Unreal engine 4. But I will definitely the Enhanched Edition. Other than the first few minutes I've never played it, and I have to say I am intrigued. A lots of history comes from this game, that we can see in the games today. People may say that Bioshock contributed a lot, but most of the stuff you can see their are basically System Shock and Thief.

American Psycho

Yesterday I watched this movie, people raving about it for the past 20 years, but I just don't know. It was certainly not a bad movie, and it has a nice cast. I don't know, maybe I should see it later? I loved Mr. Brooks, and that movie was 100% better because of the Costner-Hurt relationship on screen. Here I just don't feel Bale is enough. Maybe it's the dialogues, or just another unreliable storyteller trope, gone wrong.

It's smells almost March

This is the last day of February, the Sun is shining, and it looks like winter is over for now. Our eyes are focus on the next month, with full of goals and hopes.


I left r/mechanicalkeyboards

I have my current keyboard for two weeks now, and I have to say, it perfectly killed my desire to have a new mechanical keyboard. I just left the MechanicalKeyboards subreddit where I was a lurking member for many years, and browsed it for like 4-5 years. It can be a fucking expensive hobby, and where I live we don't have a lot of opportunity to try out new things, I don't think I will lose sleeping hours because of this.

The vision of the progressive political discurse

As you will see it on twitter. Meanwhile the silent majority just want to live their life in peace, learn, grow, have fun. The minority will go around with a giant dictionary, bashing people's heads if they found something inappropriate according to the woke bible.

I thought about getting my own domain both for website and fedi

But at the end of the day, I do think that I start putting money into it, however little it is, I would have to take it seriously. And I don't mean as a money maker, but posting regularly both on the website and the fediverse instance. If you are interested, see stuxhost and tribe.

"I care a lot", but not about bad movies

I started to write a post about the movie, "I care a lot" with Rosamund Pike. She plays a conwoman, who put old people in nursing homes, and sell their every assetts. It's a fucking disgusting movie, and if you find yourself rooting for her, you are just a bad person. Also the main character is a misandrist asshole. Of course it helps that Pike can play her really well, so you will definitely hate her. However I don't understand the 82% RT scores. Every man in the movie is seemingly just an asshole, corrupt person, while the mc thinks she is above them in every way (yet she is doing the same thing!). It was a two hour long of waste of time. And yes, not even Peter Dinklage can save this movie.


I was outside, in the sun

I walked about 45 minutes outside. I felt alive for the first time in a long time. The weather was nice, no clouds, and I felt the sun on my skin. I will definitely do this tomorrow too, maybe I go for a longer walk!



I've never really remembered those letters. Why not just start at the beginning? This is so much simpler: ABCDEF+, I just cracked the code. And yes this is a joke, especially that I am in there, somewhere, but I don't advertise it, as it's not part of my identity, it's simple just not for me to say: "hey I belong in this group, pay attention to me, otherwise I will drag you through the mud." I understand that where are legitimate concerns, we need to discuss those, but I feel the "group" or the "banner" is a little bit too self-centered for me to say "I belong here". And that's a problem, because when you are different, you sometimes desperately want to belong to somewhere.

When chess players get political

Oh man, I won't unfollow you, but I don't watch you because of politics, I follow you so maybe I can learn something from you.

What the f is a content creator?

We used to write, speak, make videos, sing, paint, etc. Now it's all "I am a content creator." What does that even mean? Please don't use this general term, because it doesn't mean anything. Use this: "I create chess video tutorials." - That's much more helpful for everyone.

Ungoogled Chromium

I am compiling this shit, hahah. It will take a while I am sure.

Some modifications for my Microsoft 600 keyboard

I got this keyboard almost 2 weeks now, and I am really satisfied with it. I still don't know what the Fn+F5-F8 does, I am guessing they are some Windows function. I did some modifications within Xmodmap. Previously I used the right control as mod4, which is the Windows key in my setup. However this keyboard has a menu key (press it, you have the right mouse key menu appear), which I absolutely don't use. So what I did, that I made that menu key my new mod4 key, and let the right Control be just Control key, which is much better for me, since both sides now have both Shift and Control key. Better for dwm and Emacs too. I still haven't added any functions to the dedicated calculator key.

Free games on Epic: Absolute Drift and Rage 2

I created the Epic account for free games only, they give away games every week, sometimes even 2 games. This week it's Absolute Drift which is the first game of the Art of Rally devs, and it's all about drifting. It has functional graphics, and it's a good game, but when I first bought it on Steam some time back, I didn't have the patience to learn it, so I did get a refund. But now it's free so no reason to not have it really. Rage 2 is a looter shooter, not much connection with the first game I think. It's all about neon colors. Free game, you might like it, you might won't. The Epic Launcher is pretty easy to install via Lutris on Linux.

Look at my third watch!

I haven't talked about this one: the Casio MRW-200H (orange on black edition). This is the first analog in my collection. It has the sporty look and kind of diver watch, as it has water resist until 100 m, with clearly legiable fonts, bi-directional bezel, and a date window at 3 o'clock. It was love at first sight, when I saw this version in the above review video. I got the watch 29% off, and it's a great deal. Very comfortable to wear. At first it looked small on my wrist, but every time I look at it, I don't have problem with reading the time, or the date. And now I have some interesting information, found on review video, they used this watch for NASA WB-57 flight (see the suit up video, at 6:10). Very cool! Additionally it comes with a lot of color variations, so probably everybody can find something they like. I bought mine around 23 euros, and I can highly recommend it for going outside. The battery can last as long as 3 years according to the manual. I got a nice steal box, instead of the usual Casio box, maybe it was the distributor choice, I don't know. So far I enjoy all of my watches, and wear them regularly, both inside and outside. :)


Wolfenstein TNO: BJ is not a gentleman

When they go to Berlin by train, and BJ meets with the Nazis, get a coffee for him and Anya. Then he goes back to her, but it looks like they have only one bed. Instead of sleeping on a floor (also remember BJ is a soldier), like a gentleman would do, they have sex. Now we can argue they are both lonely, young people, and probably neither of them had too many chances. However BJ really should have declined (Anya: "Are you comfortable sharing?"), and wait for another ocassion. And before you say something: BJ is the main character of Wolfenstein for 3 decades now, he won't die in TNO, hahah.

When was the last time you wrote with a pen?

I bought a little notebook and a retro pen (which we used when I was much younger), and started writing this morning. I ocassionally take some notes, but other than that I don't write by hand enough. I wonder how many people who has computer(s) still uses their hand for writing.


Veggie sausage test incoming

I bought veggie sausages (Linda McCartney's something) at Tesco. I will soon try it. Only 6 in the pack, but I don't need to eat it at once, probably. They are not too big (at least compare to the onces we have here), but they look OK. I usually don't eat these ready made stuff, but I still wanted to try it. And it was on sale.

Update: It was good, but not good enough to buy it again.

High-end gaming damages the world, what's the solution?

The solution is of course: listen to Bill Gates, who is now a climate expert, with his 4 private jets, few helicopters, giant house and few luxury cars, all which he uses frequently!

Stop buying, stop gaming (we can play physical board or card games, except with noone, because we have lockdown for almost a year now), stop using washing machines, you can do it by hand! (I wonder how our hands look like in a year) Stop watching TV, stop using the internet!


How I love lists about free software and communities!

I rant here, because I don't want to do this on the linkblog. This morning, I turning on my computer, making coffee, starting elfeed, and I see an interesting article about "Top 10 free software communities on the internet". And as always I find something missing. It's not a bad list though: FSF, GNU, Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, KDE/Gnome, etc. All worthy to put on a list like that. Than instantly one name pops into my mind: Arch. Now we can all have a debate that Arch people are toxic (I don't use Arch, btw - because Artix is better!), but one thing we can't deny, is that the Arch Linux wiki is simple the most amazing help for Linux users all over the world, no matter what distro they use! It's a simple fact. Doesn't matter if you are using Ubuntu, Fedora, probably even Gentoo, you will find some information that is useful to you. It's really detailed and easy to use. The past 14 years I frequently used it, because most of the time it gave me valuable information. Yes, the Arch Linux wiki is worthy to be on that list.


We don't need a female James Bond, when we have Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is a movie from 2017, about some spy story during the breaking down of the Berlin Wall, with a really good cast, 80s music, and good fight scenes. People for almost a decade now demanding a female Bond movie. Lorraine Broughton is a very capable agent, but she also has faults, and probably that's why the social justice crowd doesn't like her, since she is not like Rey from the Disney Star Wars. Charlize Theron is perfect for the role, and instead of doing Old Guards (a really lame, and boring movie), she should have done Atomic Blonde 2. I love the era of the movie, I was a kid back then. Cars, music, etc. made me nostalgic, lol. Beware of trailers, almost all of them spoilery in some way, with major plot and character points. I don't understand why they couldn't make a good trailer of it. Fantastic spy-action thriller, with a quality cast (Charlize Theron, John McAvoy, John Goodman, etc.), music, fight scenes and a European Cold War background.

Twitter rant from Rami Ismael

Rami Ismael once was a game dev, but now he is still a streamer/gaming personality. He is a semi-regular on Dropped Frames, because the woke show people loves him for some reason. He loves to rants on twitter about political stuff, especially politics in gaming. He recently went on a rant about a revived game called "Six Days in Fallujah", comparing killing of muslism, to killing black people. But what he didn't realize, or just simple forgot (maybe not even aware of), that muslims are currently in the lower half of the opression ladder, and black people are on top (I think the Smollet case show that very much). So naturally woke people harassed him, and he deleted/deactivated his twitter account. He will be back, once the storm is over, as he is really a social media addict, and he loves attention. The Opression Olympics is hell of a drug, and since the qualification is low, everybody can participate. And it's funny to watch from the outside too! I am so glad I am not on twitter (for a long time) and One interesting thing is, that the mentioned game is not even out, we haven't seen any screenshots or videos either. So he was basically ranting about nothing. Good job Rami, you just played yourself, why you lose some of the little sanity that you have (which is not much, since he is a heavy twitter user).

Steam Proton is good

Despite that I still prefer native Linux gaming, I can also see the benefit of running modern games with Steam Proton. For example: recently I tried out Alien:Isolation with it - a game which I am not sure is really native on Linux - and I have to say that it benefited greatly for me, as I have a weaker machine. I since started to experiment with other games, and with good results. I also admit that Steam Proton and DXVK is here to stay.

I hope the new Mars rover doesn't run systemd

Just saying…

Why Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein: The New Order are good reboots?

Just in the span of 2 years we got the first adaptation of the first FPS games in history, Doom and Wolfenstein. They were both critical and financial success and already spawned sequel(s). I have recently returned to Wolfenstein: The New Order, and one part of the intro mission I realized why these are good games. Remember when we just went from room to room in Wolf 3D, killing nazis, but fearing those damn dogs? In TNO there is a mission at the beginning where we go after one of the nazi leaders, and there is this huge castle near to the beach. We get in, and we can immidiately see, this is old place, and it has a certain atmosphere. You battle not just with these technically modern (we stil in 1946, war is still ongoing) nazi soldiers, but we see the dogs too, and everytime I hear, I start to panick, where is the barking come from? Then I see it, but it's too late. He jumps on me, and I can only grab my knife to finish the animal. Then I start sneaking around, try to not getting attention. But then I see this nice gold sword, on the wall. I knew I had to grab it (just like you collect stuff in the original game). After I sneak on and try to kill as many soldiers silently as possible, before the inevitable hell (ALARM!), breaks loose.

It's a fantastic adaptation, because the creators imagined a modernized version of the old game, and didn't try to reinvent the wheel at all. Yes there are some idiotic parts, like the regen health, but it's limited, and it has the function to just barely stay alive. Then there is the automatic save, which is kind of good, since this is an eventful game, where maybe hard saves wouldn't be that good, probably just distrupt the flow of the game. Anyway, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a damn good game!


Google lied to the Stadia devs, is this new?

This is nothing new. So Google lied to the Stadia devs they didn't tell them about the lay off. This is very common practice. I mean two years ago, when dozens of players and organization waited for the news about HGC, the Heroes of the Storm pro esports league. After Blizzcon they waited for a month about how the league will continue, and then one week before Christmas they fired the players and league staff too. The players, who are the most important part in an esports scene, got an email about it, minutes before the news become public. Can you imagine losing your job, one week before Christmas? Commentators, studio people who worked on behind the scene stuff, and not to mention the dozens of players are suddenly jobless, and a game's pro scene become dead. So yeah, Google did nothing new, sadly this looks like a common practice.

Recoil Games, creators of Rochard, is shutting down

It's a sad news, I loved Rochard, although I think I've never finished it. Sadly since they ask for stopping the sale on Steam - as the company filed for bankcruptcy - you can't legally get it anywhere. It was never DRM-free, so GOG doesn't have it. It was a puzzle platformer, with nice music, good voice acting, and a decent story I believe. Sad to see them go, and I still don't understand why they don't just legally open it up, so the game could live on. I might reinstall it, just to play it a little bit for nostalgia sake.

RIP Recoil Games…

Sorry, marriage and kids are not for me

I don't usually talk about personal stuff like that, but I truly believe that if I love someone I don't need a paper about, or a ring on my finger. I also don't need kids, it would just add complications to an already complicated life. I don't even know if I can have one naturally, and with my genetics, I don't really want to create a life that would just have suffering (other than the usual human stuff). Adopting animals is a better way for me probably.

Today is Blizzcon, but anybody cares?

I for one don't. Blizzard is really a dead company, a former shadow of its old, glorious self. I played almost every one of their game, excluding World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. I started with Warcraft I-II, I even played Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings. I played Heroes of the Storm for years, payed more money to them via that game that for any company. They are not the people's company anymore. And they can shove their mobile games up where I don't think to. I wouldn't cry if they go bankcrupt, because the people who work there deserve it. If you are still working there, you should have got out while you had the chance. Sorry if this seems harsh to you, but after watching NoClip documentary about Square Enix and io Interactive (the people who did HITMAN), I believe that there are still decent people in the game developent industry. But it's not Blizzard…

Changed fonts in Emacs

For org-mode I changed my fonts a few days ago. For writing, non-header, text I use Kreon font, which the devs used for Slay the Spire. Really nice to read, I might change it for the website too. Unfortunately I have to use Google Fonts for that, which I don't really want to do. For headers I use the Recursive font (Mn Csl St exactly), really nice mono/sans hybrid, great to look at, very readable too.

Wandavision, episode 7

How the hell Kat Dennings' character new about how Vision was made? Did she read the script of Age of Ultron, or something? Because I don't think that it's a public information at this point, especially since vibranium was significantly went fucked up, after Black Panther. Ahhhhh, somebody wanted exposion, but couldn't get the right character to do it. Wonderful! I love Agatha btw, such a lowkey character at first, and she is now out of the shadows. Can't wait for the big showdown, and I think the Sword people just has to fuck off, and let the ladies battle a little bit. Hahahah.

Your mission if you choose to accept it (SJW edition)…

First you need to create a twitter account, and write your pronoun in your bio. Choose an avatar, preferable with pink or light blue hair. It doesn't have to be you. Then find controversial people, report them, and dig deeper within their profile and tweets. Dox if it's necessary.

Entertainment above everybody else

Do you wonder sometimes that you can't go outside to exercise and build up your immune system that would help you fight the virus, while overpayed footballers can go and play their stupid game, that millions of people are watching inside in their home. Also now that has European competition has resumed, teams all over Europe are traveling to other countries. Tested? Yes. Can ordinary people do this? Probably not. I think the whole situation is hypocritical. But I guess this is the new normal, giving us the entertainment via Netflix and sports, to just forget that we are now living at home, barely getting out and contact with real humans, doing human things: OUTSIDE.

Best way to clean a keyboard?

Is to never ever eat near them. Seriouly, we haven't learned anything from the early decades? Also no drinks? Drinks are the enemy of the most simple or the most expensive keyboard too.

Writing, what's that? Reading? Nah…

Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what to write. Honestly I am just tired of some bullshit around the world right now, and it makes me tired. I wish I could just turn off the internet for a few months. Like not using this machine. I really should use another machine, my ebook reader. Last time, I read 1984, and it was quite good, you might have heard of it too. It's a really good machine, all that I hoped for. I still don't understand why they aren't cheaper though. How we can expect it to be more widespread, and save trees. Can you imagine, in an age of a pandemic, where we have millions of children at home, trying to learn and juggle the lonely life with their parents… A good ebook reader would really help. So, yes I really should both read and write a lot more, instead of just looking out of my head.

White Student Alliance in Edmonton, what a story!

This is so funny. They have 22 followers on instagram. It's from an Edmonton high school. I have more followers on my fediverse account. Also, apparently in that town, quoting MLK is racist. So many racist stuff they posted, and now they are targetted.

Wordperfect theme for Emacs

I like this one, as it has nice contrast, plus really reminds me of the good old DOS days. I haven't used WP at all, but most stuff was this blue, with white fonts, like Norton Commander and other stuff. You can find it in melpa, and use load-theme to try it out, or make it permanent in you config file.


We really shouldn't really colonize a no man's land (Mars)

It's disgusting, NASA just landed another Rover on Mars, and Musk wants to colonize the red planet. This is how it started more than 500 years ago, right. Humans are just filty animals, leaving there junk everywhere on Earth, and in other part of this system. (just kidding btw, I love space!)

New normal is forever

The faster you accept it, the better. Madness is the only emergency exit (thanks Joker!). There will be no cinemas open, no restaurants, gatherings, you can kiss goodbye all of it. Dreaming about having a family, or just a girlfriend? Hahaha, who needs that!

You will own nothing, and you will be happy! - they say. Hahahahahahah!!

Shit, this keyboard is sexy as hell

Luke Smith talks about the Lenovo USB keyboard, it's sort of like the old Thinkpad keyboards, but with USB connection. Looks really good, but the missing windows key is a dealbreaker for me.

Twitter Mob Reports "Bean Dad" To Child Protective Services

This story will definitely make you mad when you listen to it. A dad documented his daughter journey of opening a can of beans by herself. He didn't help, wanted his daughter to figure it out all by herself. And the twitter mob judge said: "it's child abuse, get him!"- people even called the child protective services on him! And of course they found racist tweets in his past too, because everybody is racist and homophobe and sexist, if we do not like you! Seriously, fuck social media!

Retro gaming list without GOG?

I found this list on FossMint, and it's so buffling that a list about retro games, and GOG is not on the list. The post is from 2018, and when I think about old games, what's better than the site that was once known as Good Old Games? Maybe the owner is really angry at them for not having a GOG Galaxy client for Linux (which you totally don't need to buy and play the game, unlike the holly saviour of Linux gaming, called Steam).

New keyboard after a week

I still love this keyboard. I don't feel like I need to bottom out the keys, and it makes the typing so much better. Both my arms and fingers are fine after long typing sessions. Once again, I can recommend the Microsoft 600 keyboard (I don't know if it has wireless version), mostly for typing, but I think it's fine for gaming too.


I am officially a Slay the Spire addict

I checked my gameplay stats this morning, and I played 26 hours of Slay the Spire. I am certainly proud of myself, haha. Great game, I have no regret buying it. It works my brain in more way than one, as I try to find new cursewords in my vocab each time I enter.


I missed watchign Empty Box

You probably don't know, but Empty Box is kind of the grandaddy of racing simulator youtubers. We grow up watching his videos, and enjoying not just his races, but his guides for racing as well. While he is not as active as he used to be, but he occasionally pops up in our feeds. Like this wonderful Indy race at @ Road America. Enjoy!

Digital Foundry - Retro PC experience with Jedi Knigh: Dark Forces II

One of my favorite childhood games, and still a top 10 game in my not so short gaming list, is Dark Forces, an FPS game, that redefined what a first person shooter can be. At the time Doom was still on the throne, in 1995, however Dark Forces was much more than that, with freelook and items useage, and the perfect adaptation of the Star Wars universe. 2 years later LucasArts improved it, with a complete 3D engine - while it wasn't as good as Quake - and adding the use of the Force and lightsaber combat. On the top of the cake was the FMV cutscenes. The villain wasn't memorable, but nobody cared, when we could use both the light and dark side of the Force, and slice people up. And again, despite it's shortcomings, it dethroned the current iD software offering (Quake), because of how they used the Star Wars universe.

Digital Foundry went back and played the game on a period appropriate PC.

One of my dream watch

This is one of my watch that's on the top of the dream list, the Merkur Red Army First Chinese Watch. Unfortunately my country has a strict law about selling any stuff that has red star on it (Heineken just barely allowed, probably due to the white border), so I would have to pay some extra for shipping from the other side of the world. This is a really nice looking watch, with some vintage characteristic. I like the font they used for the numbers, plus their are no odd numbers on it. If you are interested, you can order it from the merkurwatch page.

Is Katy Perry going vegan?

Who cares? But really? I feel like every other celebrity is going vegan every week, then we forgot about them, and a year later they announce: nah, it didn't work out. It's about the animals people, not about your status in society. It doesn't automatically make you a better person, nobody is above the other person because they are vegan.

Parler is back, after downtime?

Well, at least that's how the Verge wants us to sell it. Of course what happened is that the social network got banned from both Apple and Google app store, then Amazon banned them from their own service as well, essentially deleting them from the internet. You can hate conservatives or right wing people, but they have the absolute right for free speech. Just because you don't like their opinion, they should have the access for a space on the internet. After all both twitter and mastodon exist, and they are mostly left leaning networks. But what about moderation, you ask? What about it? Twitter didn't remove child porn, just because it “didn’t find a violation” of the company’s “policies,”. I am pretty sure that most countries have laws about it, yet the person who was the victim has to sue, instead of a police investigation. WTF?!


Remember when John Oliver was funny?

Me neither, because he never was. :D

Cyberfailure 2077

Razorfist has the best commentary about Cyberpunk 2077, a game that had equal amount of promises to No Man's Sky, with most of them they left out or altered it. Tbh I wasn't really following CP2077 until this year (except at bigger events, like E3), and I have to say I have no intentions buying this game ever. Yes, I've changed my mind. I'll still support GOG, as they are not just a different company, but they are doing really well recently in the past 2-3 years, bringing some modern games like Wolfenstein series, but also old classics that many people forgot about, like Blade Runner.

Don't be Krazy like KDE

Before KDE did the Kapital K letters, Mortal Kombat did it first actually. Also the game that made US freak out and added age restrictions to games. Fan times trying to do kombos for MK I-II, reading from magazines. We do not get the excitement anymore since modern games has all the combos inside the game. Real shame.

I love RSS again

I still have about 1400 unread items in my RSS reader (which is still elfeed in Emacs), and I have recently started reading much more. I still need to delete some of the stupid vegan feeds, but other than that I am enjoy reading much more than in recent years. I haven been using RSS since like I don't know, forever? One of the best and most important technology, sadly Google, Mozilla and others are kicked them out, because they are interested in content delivery system that they can control. With rss YOU MAKE your time to read the website or watch the videos, YOU WANT. There are many readers, probably I should write some post about them. hacked

Too much political stuff on that website. WTF has happened?

Vegans are toxic

And I write this as a vegan for the last ~ 3 and a half years. I have to say after the first year of watching many videos, I unsubbed from most of them, since they are mostly interested in just drama and throwing mud at each other. Yes, I didn't like that certain people, like Tim Shieff, who I didn't know that much, exited and made a 180, but still I think there are better ways to promote veganism, animal walfare, then attacking each other. After all veganism is not about human belief systems, it's about the animals.


Bruno Fernandes MVP

It's clear that without Fernandes this team would be a midtable, mediocre at best team. And while I don't like Portugal and Spanish players, Fernandes is a joy to watch. Like a wizard you can see that every touch of his has potential.

Screamer games

This series - Screamer, Screamer 2 and Screamer Rally - were arcade racing from 1990s. Graphics and car handing were very much arcade, with giving your 3 letter name to the menu as well. Oh the memories! GOG has the first 2 games:

Just make your own movie, they said

The Daily Wire and Gina Carano teamed up to make a movie. And the left said: "Wait you can't do that, she is cancelled!" - Normal people: "hahahhahahahhahaha, nice try!"

Snow, snow everywhere!

It doesn't matter that it's -15C here, but it's white snow everywhere, as it should be. We didn't have almost any snow for a decade here, and it was not normal. The bad thing that we still didn't have white Christmas, which would seriously lift the mood and helps you get into spirit.

On the other hand my last experience with tons of snow wasn't happy, as I was waited for my day and brother to get me from hospital after one of my cancer treatment week. It was giant snow, cars could only moved slowly. I still remember going home, the usual 80-90 minute travel took us for 3 hours to get home, but we made it, as my brother navigated through the snowy road. I will remember it forever.

Foxes on the fediverse!

If you want to see some nice photos of foxes, follow this bot: - it post pictures from twitter.

Happy singles day everyone!

This day is the greatest as we still don't celebrate it here, but companies can easily push this on you, just as we take Black Friday, and we made it basically Black Month from it. Isn't corporatism beautiful?

However you can still read good stuff, like on Casio reddit, where a couple gave each other G-Shocks. Real relationship goal! Sorry I didn't save it, and I can't find it, it was a couple of days ago.

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