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Manjaro: How to hold back packages from upgrading?

Sometimes we just don't want to upgrade. We heard about some bugs, or just that version of software works well for us. I used to do this with Wine, when I used the version in the repository.

Here is how you can do this, both the graphical way and in terminal.

Warning! Holding back packages can break your system when there is a big update.

Hold back packages via terminal

For that we need to edit the /etc/pacman.conf file as root. I use emacs, but you can use any text editor for that:

sudo emacs /etc/pacman.conf

Then search for these lines:

#IgnorePkg =
#IgnoreGroup =

Uncomment (delete the #) before IgnorePkg and use the package name you want to hold back. For more packages separate with space.

With IgnoreGroup we can add whole groups of package. These are related packages basically, like xfce or libreoffice.

Hold back packages via graphical package manager

The graphical way is easy too. Start your package manager, then click on the menu button beside the search button, and choose Preferences. In the General tab you will see the Ignore upgrades for part where you can add or remove packages.

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