2020 August 13th

I am using Artix for a few days, and I want to go back to dwm. Back when I was using Slackware I had limited options, because my system was old (and I didn't want to use current), however now everything is super new, so I can use the newest dwm, and I even checked out Luke Smith' build.

After using it for a few minutes, and don't know what I am doing, I realized: I should use my own dwm. I still have my own, based on older version, 6.1, but now I can build 6.2.

Everybody should have their own dwm installation, because that's how we learn. It's fine to take a look at other's, but ultimately patching and customizing is really rewarding. If you go to r/unixporn you will see, that every config is widely different.

I also don't need most stuff from Luke Smith' dwm, it would be more work to cut out of stuff from his, than building up mine. I also have my old config, that I can use some stuff, like keyboard shortcuts, and how the whole thing look. I also have the list of patches that I used for the older version.

Today I'll rebuild my dwm, plus hopefully add some new things, that I couldn't before.

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