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St terminal

November 24th 2018

I like Luke Smith, but he has to stop introducing me to awesome stuff. First it was qutebrowser, and now I use st for several months now. St is a terminal emulator, where you have a barebone base and you apply patches to make it like you want it. It's that simple.

Go to their page and check it out. Just download it, extract and use your ex-terminal to compile and install it:

$ sudo make clean install

Note: every time you modify config.h, you need to run these two commands that command (and start a new st instance) to see the modifications.

You will find some patches on their site, but you can also search on GitHub.

In my opinion it's just so good, that it should be default terminal emulator for your distro. A little note, I am just a somewhat advanced user, I am not a sysadmin, who uses the terminal for serious stuff, and I am not a programmer either. I just like using the terminal for some stuff.

I have to say I am also lazy, so I use Luke Smith' version of st. It has some nice features, like copy-paste with ease, changing font sizes, easy scrolling, etc. But what's good about it, that we can customize it via the .Xresources file. That's how I could change to dracula colors, after I've failed applying the patch (and as I am lazy, I am always looking for easy solutions, hehe). But if you are using wal it will take priority over Xresources.

St is fast and you can still have some bling.

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