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Slackware time?
I am thinking about using Slackware again…

Date: 2022-03-19

Looks like SlacBuild has Xmonad for Slackware 15… so very tempting.

I have nothing against Artix, it's a very fine distro, I am using it for a while now, and probably the distro I would recommend to all if you want to use something from the Arch family.

I am extremely proud of that I used Slackware back in 2007, in the second year of my Linux journey. I learned a hell of a lot, and when I checked out last year, all the memories came back to me. Now that we have a new version, I'd really like to use it again. I have to say I am not really a person anymore, who needs the latest software. So using Slackware would be perfect.

And yes, Slackware also does not use systemd cancer bullshit (unlike Arch, LOL).

Plus saying that you are using the oldest active distro, it's kind of cool, right? ;-)

How to try Slackware?

There is a Live media image so you don't need to install it. But if you don't want that either, then you can check out DT's video about the install process:

If you want to install it on your machine, you can get the images. It still has 32 bit version btw.

Installing Slackware

Installing and using Slackware is not hard. You don't need a wiki to install it. Just download the images, choose your media you are installing from, and go through the installer, which is text based ncurses installer, but has the same functions as the Ubuntu installer.

It's funny that the distro has the same website, that when I used it the first time. Minimal, text based, fast. I bet you could use it from a very old browser too.

Note that Slackware doesn't have dependency checking, so you have to do some manual work with packages. Or if you like something you can also compile it from source. However the community is nice, and I always found the answer to my questions. Otherwise I wouldn't want to return to it.

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