2020 August 17th

I know I should have switched sooner, but up until last week I didn't find and couldn't make it work the distro I wanted to. And I was also an idiot.

What do I mean by that? I mean that I left the systemd part of the Linux world behind. No more shitty slow distros, with gazillion of parts that you can't disable without braking things. Also not wanting that one giant system to be default everywhere. Soon systemd has its own distro I am sure.

What are the alternatives?

Oh there are many. The oldest active Linux distribution, Slackware, is not using systemd. If you want a stable system, try that. Or if you used Debian, you might want to give Devuan a chance.

I am personally using Artix, which is an Arch based system, with not one, but 3 alternatives for systemd. So far it's pretty solid.

If you are feeling adventures, Gentoo might be your next friend.

I heard that MX Linux is also pretty popular these days. xD

Void Linux, if you want something really new. It's a distro, not based on anything!

Want more systemd-less distros, I am sure you will find this post through your favorite non-Google search engine.

You say: "But I am not a developer..."

Well neither am I. I just used similar systems in the past 14 years, and what bothered me while different distribution with the same base, with only systemd difference costs me more used RAM. Much more, like half GB plus at start. Why I also see gazillions of services at start, and I don't know many of them what it does, or why are they there? How about disabling them? As a user it's hell of a confusing stuff, and this will get only bigger.

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