Date: 2020-08-31

I installed EGS on Linux, last week, when Remnant become free and despite I know that my computer is probably not fully good enough for the game to run, I claimed the game. I also didn't have enough space to install it, but now I have it installed, but it welcomed me with a black screen. Here is the solution.

Yesterday wrote about, how I made EGS work on Linux.

Many games nowadays works with Media Foundation. I don't know what is this, but probably some kind of Windows thing. For example the new Resident Evil episodes (including the remakes) doesn't work without it.

How to make "Remnant: From the Ashes" work?

First, we can install the game, as it will take a while.

Second you need to download the Media Foundation thingy from two places.

Start up your favorite terminal emulator, and make or enter into a directory that you can freely use.

Install git:
If you don't have git installed on your system, do that from your favorite package manager.

Then use git to clone the MF repo:
$ git clone

Enter the cloned directory:
$ cd mf-install

Install mf into the WINE prefix where the Epic Games Store is, i.e.:
$ WINEPREFIX=~/Games/epic-games-store ./

install the other MF thingy, but first go up one directory (if you are still in mf-install):
$ cd ..

then clone mf-installcab:
$ git clone

enter the new directory:
$ cd mf-installcab

and similarly to the previous install, execute the script:
$ WINEPREFIX=~/Games/epic-games-store ./

from the mf-installcab, copy mfplat.dll to your game directory, i.e.:
$ cp mfplat.dll ~/Games/epic-games-store/drive_c/Program\ Files/Epic\ Games/RemnantFromTheAshes/

This tutorial is from r/linux_gaming subreddit.

Start Lutris and EGS, then Remnant and the game should work just fine. If you had EGS open, just restart the whole thing. It works for me, although I don't have a gaming computer, so everything is very minimal and in 900p. I don't know if multiplayer works at all.

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