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Reddit in terminal with rtv


Note: rtv discontinued its development, however it has a fork in tuir.

I have to say that I have a long love-hate relationship with reddit. The site that nobody likes, yet they read it, use it probably daily, and people shit on each other constantly. Reddit is the nameless site when you say to your friends: "I have read somewhere on the internet…".

It's sad state, since the site is just like any other social site. If people are decent, the community will thrive and becomes a really good place! So check the subreddits and see if you find something you like. I myself read some of it, check my favorites!

I love using the terminal for a lots of things, so a while ago I searched for a software that I can use for reading reddit. I myself don't really post there, but reading is another matter.

Here comes rtv!

Rtv, a.k.a. reddit terminal viewer. Interestingly though, you can vote and post with it too! You can probably find it in the repository of your distro, if not you can find it on github, where you can see screenshots of this timewaster!

This gem will surprise people since it has clipboard support, themes (built-in or create yourself!), keyboard navigation and easy way to define browsers for opening and text editors for posting on reddit. Help is also amazing with all kind of shortcuts. The best is that you don't need an account for just reading!

This is a demo, from logging in and navigating through reddit…


While I use the command line for many years (should I write decades, since I have experience with DOS too?), I am still amazed how much function we can do just with a text interface.

As always I put rtv on a separate workspace from the start, and with a set window size too for easier reading.

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