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nsCDE, the not so common desktop environment

Lately I have been a little bit obsessive with retro computer stuff, mainly on the software side. I use a CDE-like theme on my dwm with old cursor (redglass). Today I found nsCDE, which aims to bring back old CDE with a little bit of a twist.

/NsCDE is a retro but powerful (kind of) UNIX desktop environment which resembles CDE look (and partially feel) but with a more powerful and flexible framework beneath-the-surface, more suited for 21st century unix-like and Linux systems and user requirements than original CDE./

I have never used this kind of system, but it puts me back to the day, when I used Windows 3.1. I really like the overall look and colors, but I wonder if I can actually use it on my daily system. Aspecially since I currently really like dwm. So I decided to try nsCDE out!

How to install nsCDE?

It's really simple, just follow the instructions in the [[][INSTALL]] file.

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