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Take easy screenshots with flameshot

Date: 2020-09-03

I like to take screenshots, but I used only simple things like scrot. I press PrintScreen and it saves it to a specified directory. Then if I want to edit it, I open up it in GIMP.

Well it looks like will change as I found this tool (thanks reddit!), called flameshot .

When you just simple start up, it will sit in the system tray and if you click on the icon, a few instruction will show up.

For full screen shortcut, just press enter, otherwise you will have a selection tool to draw a rectangular to select part of the screen that you want to save. You can also draw arrows, have different paint tools or blur part of the image.

Here is a simple demo from the site:


For installation just check your distribution's repository. If you want to see how to start flameshot or configure for taking different screenshots, check out the github page. It has some really good options and shortcuts.

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