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Emacs is a great game

Emacs is an extremely customizable software. It's not just a text editor. Through config file and package manager you can add a lots of things, even if you are not a programmer. I can't write code, I am too dumb for it, but I like to tinker with stuff, so I occasionally mess up my init.el file. I am using Emacs for a few years now. I generally have good relationship with it, because I don't ask much. I learned it through what I need. First a markdown editor, then I looked at other things it can do, and it opened my eyes to org-mode. Then I blogged not just in markdown, but via org too. I use it for reading too, it can be an ebook reader, but I use it for RSS. Emacs is puzzle itself, and you can lost in it. Not in the style of The Witness or The Talos Principle (which is now DRM-free on GOG, btw), but you will understand when you get there.

Hosted on Neocities and created with Emacs, the world best text editor, operating system. This website doesn't track you. I don't use any javascript or other scripts. I don't store any information about the visitors. It's just pure old fashioned HTML. Some parts of the site is not up-to-date design wise. I may or may not update them in the future.