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Castero, listen to podcasts in terminal

Date: 2019-03-29

I just love simplicity in terminal, and after I got back to my RSS reading habit thanks to Newsbeuter and later elfeed in Emacs, I am intend to that with podcast listening. I quickly found castero, which is my first candidate.


I installed Castero via Pip, as the AUR version has problems. While it has a command-line interface you will need either VLC or mpv for listening.

Keyboard shortcuts and config

It has 3 views, and a handful of shortcuts for reaching different functions, and always reachable if you press h.

h            - show this help screen
q            - exit the client
a            - add a feed
d            - delete the selected feed
r            - reload/refresh feeds
s            - save episode for offline playback
arrows       - navigate menus
page up/down - scroll menus
enter        - play selected feed/episode
space        - add selected feed/episode to queue
c            - clear the queue
n            - go to the next episode in the queue
i            - invert the order of the menu
p or k       - pause/play the current episode
f or l       - seek forward
b or j       - seek backward
1-3          - change between client layouts

The config file is at


The database and the downloaded files however are located at


And this is it. So far I only use it for 3 podcasts, as I don't have any feeds from the past (and some of them are ended years ago anyway). I like the default view as I can see the episode's metadata.

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