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Brave extensions I use

Date: 2020-08-20

I wrote a post not too long ago, that I am currently using Brave browser as my daily driver. I support FLOSS browsers, and at the moment Brave is the best in term of performance, and sensible defaults that you don't need a lot of outside extensions.

These are my extensions I use for Brave

In brave, you can check your brave://extensions/ page for installed extensions. These are mine I use at the moment.

Archive page

If you want to share a webpage with somebody, but don't want to give the owners clicks and statistics, use this for archiving the page. It's good for archiving too, as in if the page is deleted you can still see it through this. Kind of like, just manual.

Reader view

Again, if you don't like ads and other stuff on a webpage, you can disable with this, and only the text remain. Sadly you can't share the stripped version at this time.


I love Emacs, but for navigation I like Vim too. I got used to the shortcuts ever since I used Google Reader, because back then I didn't know about vim. Works very well, except on a few pages (like the Chrome Webstore thingy), and in Tor window

Privacy Redirect

This is my newest extension, discovered this not long ago. It redirects youtube, instagram, google maps and twitter to privacy respecting alternatives, like invidious, bibliogram, open street map and nitter.

I will create a separate page for updating the used Braver browser extensions list.

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