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My experience with Steam Proton (beta): Bioshock Remastered

Date: 2018-08-29

So it finally happened. Valve will integrate Wine into Steam sometime in the future. Currently it's in beta. You have to activate Steam beta according to the announcemnet. There are many games that's already officially supported, however you can enable it for all your games.

I instantly thought about one game, that would benefit from Proton (the Wine fork with DXVK by Valve). And that's Bioshock Remastered. It needs DirectX 11, and I could never manage to make it work with Wine staging.

With Proton it's easier to install everything that the game needs. In the case of Bioshock Remastered it starts up a little slower than the original.

How good is the game with Proton? I'd say the game is playable, but definitely needs a stronger machine that I have (which is not much, because mine is ancient).

The biggest drawback of course, that after the Bioshock Remastered release, despite of some patches, the game still bleeds from bugs.

There are:

I mapped the quicksave button on my mouse, because I have a keyboard without the F1-F12 keys, to save often as I can. Luckily saving and loading is much faster than in the original version. I also disable the logos at the beginning with -nointro (left click on the games name, then Properties and Set launch options).

If you want to play with a controller, I have good news: my Logitech F310 works perfectly. I only tested for a few minutes, and I didn't experience any problem with it (note: I haven't tested it with hacking).

I highly recommend backing up save games and config files. You can find these directories on the PCGaming Wiki.

If you have too many problems with the remastered version, I still recommend to install the normal versions. These are classic games, worth playing decades later. In my opinion the game holds up well, mostly because of the artstyle of the game.

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