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Artix Linux is more than just a "protest distro"
it's OK to like systemd-less stuff

Date: 2022-01-21

DT and his "protest distro" bullcrap:

#+BEGINexport html <iframe id="odysee-iframe" width="560" height="315" src="$/embed/top-five-arch-based-linux-distros-2022/0ea101fb8599381c8b65305524472f908b61b207?r=EoYHqdkkDobfPu2VfXke12PpkM41RK1H" allowfullscreen></iframe> #+ENDSRC

So he made a list of top 5 Arch-based distros. Nice list, I don't really have a problem with it. I haver never used Arch myself, only Manjaro.

I don't even care who takes the top spot, or where Artix is.

But labeling Artix as a "protest distro", I really have a problem with it. AFAIK no, both Arch and Manjaro had a systemd-less solution, then they merged their efforts and made Artix.

DT talks about that this distro purely exist for protest. Except Artix is not alone. These are the most popular systemd-less distros:

etc. For more alternative check out the no systemd website.

On his list all of the distros are using systemd, like Arch, and why would you use other forks, when you can just use Arch right? That's when Artix Linux came in, because it does thing differently. You may not care about systemd at first, but you will, oh you will!

For DT, choice is really important in the free software world and then pulls this "protest distro" shit. Is he saying that when Canonical made Ubuntu Unity it was a protest distro, because they didn't want to use Gnome? That's really laughable, right? Or they just simple didn't like Gnome at the time and wanted to do something different? Of course we know that they are back with Gnome, but that's another matter.

For me Artix works fine. I also used Slackware for a month last year and I had no problem with it. Maybe because I don't have to manage systemd. Not using systemd it free up so much resources it's not even funny.

DT didn't even bother to scroll down on the downloads page to see that there are weekly ISOs. He complained about Artix being rolling distro, and having outdated ISOs. Who cares if you can install it and then updated it without problems?

Artix is now a full blown alternative to people who wants to go away from systemd.

I am using the runit version and I don't have a problem with it after more than a year. It's not my first rodeo with Artix, but this time it feels a really good distro, and I will use it for the foreseeable future. Hey if it works, why change it.

I was once on the train of systemd, thinking that it's so convenient, but then as a simple user I asked myself if I use a non-systemd distro and it's much more faster, stable and I have generally less problem with it, then why should I waste my time with the likes of Manjaro, Elementary OS and others?

This is post #5 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge, where we write 100 posts in a year. If you are interested in this event, check out the official website: Happy writing everybody! :)

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