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Few things I do on Artix Linux after install

If you are more experienced Linux user, Artix can be a good distro for you. I just recently started using it (2020 August). Here are some of the things I modified on the system.

Services (runit)

I don't use bluetooth for example, so I usually disable that.

# unlink /run/runit/service/bluetoothd I also disabled the display manager, because I want to login from terminal. Note however you need an ~/.xinitrc file in your HOME directory, with an exec line where you start your desktop environment or window manager, for example I use exec dwm.

# unlink /run/runit/service/lightdm If you want to decrease the number of terminals (tty), you just do this (of course you change the number, which terminal want to disable:

# unlink /run/runit/service/agetty-tty6 For more information about runit, check the wiki page.

Installing stuff: from repositories

Artix is based on Arch and similarly uses pacman package manager for installing software from the repositories. Those repositories can be found in
$ /etc/pacman.conf
file. If you need 32-bit stuff, you need to enable them, by deleting the

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