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Links for 2022-09-10
something to watch, read and listen to

Date: 2022-09-10

Today's linkblog don't have real diversity, just some Half Life, H.P. Lovecraft and Emacs. Enjoy!


Sometimes you can find gems when you leave your computer on for the night. This fan-made movie is about Half Life. Really well made in my opinion. Updated engine. No subtitles though. Absolutely freightening, what went on inside Black Mesa.

"The Half-Life Story told using the Black Mesa Source Mod and the Cinematic Mod with the original player models. In Full 1080p and Maximum Detail."

Talking about Half-Life, a standalone mod called Entropy : Zero 2 is available on Steam. It works on Linux too, with Proton. So far, I have played it until the intro is over, and it has an interesting story, since we play as one of the Combine guards. Now I am not familiar with the Half-Life lore, so I don't know how accurate is it, but it looks good, and sounds interesting and personal (won't spoil it). I haven't played HL2 for years and never finished it, but this is really project. It has a 98% review rating. Subtitles recommended.

GOG is doing a week long space sale because of Star Trek. Plenty of nice strategy, 4x games. Battletech, Warhammer 4k, Galactic Civilization, Star Control, all of the Star Trek games obviously, etc. Sadly no Imperium Galactica.

Oh and for last addition, I have found this Quake mod, by accident: Raven Keep.

"Raven Keep is a mod for Quake where players will explore a dark gothic environment in order to unravel the secret of the lost chalices. Encounter fantastic new foes and find deadly new weaponry on your quest. Raven Keep is designed to be played with the Quakespasm 0.93.2 source port."


I am lately into H.P. Lovecraft, so here are some resources: a really nice website, that was made in 1998! Damn wish I was started reading back then! Too much Starcraft, I guess. There is reddit, where people are discussing stories, adaptations and inspirations. They look like nice people too. If you want to read Lovecraft's stories. There are plenty of stuff at the sidebar on the subreddit. Last week I read "At the Mountain of Madness", and I can only recommend it, absolutely fantastic atmosphere. Better to get a dictionary though, even if English is your native language.

Emacs & FLOSS

M-x Forever: Why Emacs will outlast text editor trends - a good talk about why Emacs is just still around and will be around. System Crafters has a nice channel about Emacs, and he is a good teacher, absolutely recommend his videos.

If you want to use Emacs for writing, you can do that too! Here are some config tips for distraction-free writing.

Somebody asked on fedi for a good terminal emulator, and I replied with kitty. I use it for months, probably more than a year now (certainly under Xmonad), and I love it. Here is video tutorial for configuring kitty from the ground up.

I made a page for my favorite AppImage software. It's very easy to download and maintain appimages on your system.

This is post #31 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge, where we write 100 posts in a year. If you are interested in this event, check out the official website: Happy writing everybody! :)

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