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Links for 2022-09-04

Date: 2022-09-04


Yoga when shit hits the fan (her words, not mine) from Adriane. Or yoga for runners before running, or after running.


Chyrosran22 reviewed another Wooting keyboard, the Wooting 60HE, which is an analogue keyboard that you can customize it very well. This is a 60% keyboard, there are other versions with the same technology from Wooting.


Sometimes first person view is much more fun! Here are some first person mods, for 3rd person games.

Digital Foundry made a video about a one man made mod, which voxelizes Doom! Pretty good, one might say it gives you a different perspective of things.

Scorn is coming out on October 21st, and here is a relatively fresh gameplay trailer video (with a fantastic narrator)! I still have hopes for the game to be good, much less for that I can play it.

Civvie11 made a video about Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Great game, best Wolfenstein game by far!


If you are tired of Big Tech, here is the LibRedirect extension that let's you redirect from mainstream services to alternative UIs. Nitter for twitter, Bibliogram instead of instagram (I recommend imginn instead, much more faster and reliable), Wikiless instead of wikipedia, etc.

Found this great post about Emacs as a window manager. I myself have great fun with Xmonad.

While I am not a streamer or video maker, I know plenty of people use OBS Studio, which just had a new release with: 10-Bit Color Support, HDR Video Encoding, and Qt 6 Port.

A short video about Peppermint Devuan, which is another distro without systemd.


Razörfist's latest video about the Amazon series: Rings of Money… Also, do NOT hate watch. Watch the LotR trilogy, you will have a much better time with it.

Luke Smith' video about everyone on the internet is a loser. Please watch the video, before you go ahead and rage comment on it.

Shad made a video about sword sharpening.

This is post #30 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge, where we write 100 posts in a year. If you are interested in this event, check out the official website: Happy writing everybody! :)

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