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Links for 2022-08-26

Date: 2022-08-26


Make something with your hands is always fun. I don't have a big mouse pad, and I am considering making my own. I found really good videos about it.

Make your own XL mouse mat and How to make a leather desk pad (for beginners)


Are you tired of using smartphones? Look no further, than Jose Briones channel, and his excellent list of dumbphones. I recommend his website too where you can check even more phones, according to your need.

Deep Learning Basics: Introduction & Overview - a lecture by Lex Fridman.

Half tech, half English language demo. What happens when you are a keyboard reviewer, and meet the shittiest of the bunch? Well, Chyrosran22 will tell you. This is a compilation about some of the insults he definitely did not on those keyboards.


Tempest Rising is a classic real-time strategy games with 3 factions. Looks like pretty much a nice Command & Conquer clone, with modern graphics.

A longer term review about Steamdeck changes from The Linux Experiment. Really nice channel too! - "Valve definitely means business with the Steam Deck."

The Escapist goes into why are reviving the boomer shooters. Oh yeah, I dislike that term too. Absolutely spot on video about the problem of modern gaming versus the old things how people did it in the 90s and early 2000s.

Few games gone so wrong in development than Aliens: Colonial Marines. It was such a fuckup. Gvmers made a really good video about the troubled developement. Which begs the question: why didn't Sega pull the plug on this? Were they afraid of the backlash from the fans? A year after release, we got Alien: Isolation, which went the other way, and become a really successful game.

GManLives went through the Quake 2 console ports, and they are really awesome. So much that I now want to play Quake 2 again. Back in the day it was a rare game that I actually played through.


While most people eats up American comics, Razörfist talked about European ones, mainly from France and Belgium, aka Bandes Dessinées.

The Critical Drinker is not just a movie/culture critic, but has a good taste in movies. So when he recommends one in his Extra Shots series, I go and watch it. This time it's a mid-1990s action movie, The Long Kiss Goodnight.


In the latest Lex Fridman podcast, he interviews Liv Boeree, a former poker player about game theory, AI, Simulation, Aliens and other topics. It took me the first 5 minutes to decide, that I will listen to this episode.

This is post #25 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge, where we write 100 posts in a year. If you are interested in this event, check out the official website: Happy writing everybody! :)

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