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Links for 2022-08-23
something to watch, read and listen to

Date: see above

Just some links I discovered recently. May or may not be useful for people.

Linux, Emacs

Distrotube collected some nice tips about the fish shell, which I am also using, and I find it much more enjoyable than bash.

A funny video about How to be a Linux user.

Here is a nice article series about being more productive with Emacs.

Bioshock after birthday stuff

Bioshock just had its 15th birthday, and here some nice videos about it.

Not a video, but a nice Spotify playlist with Bioshock era music.

Monty Zander's two hour long video essay about Bioshock.

The Escapist also made a podcast about Bioshock.

Both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 (with its amazing DLC, Minerva's Den) are on sale at GOG. For $10, tons of hours of good entertainment and something to think about. Note that the remastered version are likely still buggy, except if you play on Linux, where I didn't experience virtually any crashing.

Other games

Selaco, a FEAR-like retro shooter based on the GZDoom engine, has a demo on Steam, and here is a gameplay video about it.

Accidentally found a Spanish fan site of Blood.

GOG has a huge sale going on, until the 5th of September. Plenty of games, supercheap.

Movie magic of old

DIE HARD miniature effects. Patrick McClung, Tom Griep, Bruce MacRae, and Mark Stetson talk about the miniatures made by Boss Film for the 1988 film. Upgraded segment from Sense of Scale. –> Very interesting video about the making of the first Die Hard.

This is post #23 of the #100DaysToOffload challenge, where we write 100 posts in a year. If you are interested in this event, check out the official website: Happy writing everybody! :)

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