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where I share things I find interesting

This is my linkblog page, where I share you some interesting links with short description, commentary. There will be archived pages every month, but this will page always show the actual month. Updated once a day, usually the afternoon, evening (Eu).



  • Critical Drinker recommends: Starship Troopers. He shows the movie in a totally new light. I haven't seen it since I watched it when I was a teenager, definitely rewatch it in the near future.


  • How great is Mark Hamill? He played the Joker in BTAS, many movies and games, and he has no problem playing him in front of an audience at Star Wars Celebrations event. He is the best Joker of all time, and please don't @ me, because that's the truth.
  • Top 20 Casio watches that offer incredible value by Ben's Watch Club. A great collection of watches. Right now I am looking at G-Shocks, and it's not an easy decision, there are so many of them. I'd say that G-Shocks are the ultimate fashion watches. Why? Simple because there are many different shapes, sizes and colors. Just look at the DW-5600 line, which has so many, and even the new CasiOak series is growing, with the latest series is aimed at women (although it's just the size and colors too). If you are looking at affordable watches, check out that list!
  • The KDE text editor, Kate, will be an IDE now. WHHHHHHYYYYY?!!!!!
  • LGR had some box to open, with full of retro techs. Very cool!
  • Finally DT is leaving Doom Emacs, for GNU Emacs!


  • How to be a delusional "chess player"? - the guy think he can Magnus Carlsen with one month of learning chess. Jesus, talking about DK effect on steroids.
  • Have you heard of orthorexia? I would say it has nothing to do with overtraining, the fitnessaddiction, since most people are not moving enough anyway. It's more like an obsession with social media, especially instagram, where people share their (mostly fake) images of themselves. I train most days of the week, yet I don't feel obsessed, since I feel the positive benefit, both physical and mental health. In fact the days when I am not moving, I feel that mentally I am not sharp or


really early days.

  • A rare Casio VDB-1000, a touchscreen watch, way before any smartwatches from current day.
  • A nice calculator watch from the 90s. The owner just changed battery, and it works.
  • Another Facebook data leak! 533 million users data! Why the hell do you still use Facebook?! What do you get out from it?
  • Unboxing a Glorious GMMK Pro by Chyrosran22. He is fan as always. And while I am not interested in mechanical keyboards anymore, I still like to know what is the trend and what's he is interested in. The GMMK guys sent him a tons of stuff.
  • LG is closing down its smartphone division, as they lost 3.3 billion pounds!
  • Cyberpunk on your wrist? - Ben's review of the pricey, but good looking Yema LED wristwatch. Unfortunately it doesn't have many features (only tells the time), so the price is a clear headscratcher for most.
  • Can you believe it, that this is the guy who assembles Rainbox, the anti-terrorist organization? Also, since when is Irish John Clark is black? But of course it doesn't matter as blackwashing doesn't exist, right guys?! Fuck politics!
  • Even Richard Stallman discuss genderless pronouns in the English language. People who defend him, probably forget that he is a huge lefty, which is why I don't understand why the left wants him removed from every organization. I guess there is always a group with more far left thinking.

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